Aaditya Sawant aka Dynamo during his live streaming session announced that he will be participating in PUBG Mobile Club Open tournament in 2020. More than 50,000 live audiences were excited and wished him luck for his decision. Aaditya Sawant started Dynamo Gaming in 2010 and played various games. He was an emulator player and now he has shifted to playing PUBG on his mobile phone. With over 5.6 million subscribers, Dynamo has been liked for his gameplay and on stream conversation with fans.


Aaditya Sawant has been born and brought up in Mumbai. Being an avid gamer, he participated in various e-sports tournaments and won many accolades. Recently, his video traveling in Mumbai Metro went viral and was seen on many social media platforms. He is known for playing PUBG with random players while on stream. 'Fake Dynamo' videos have been watched more than a million times.


During the live stream, one of his fans asked how well he is playing on mobile to which he said, "I am playing well but not that well as I used to on emulator." Describing how his Hydra clan is practicing on mobile to play for the PMCO tournament next year. The roster for Hydra clan is yet to be decided and there are possibilities that Dynamo and his clan could be a major team to contest for South Asia semi-finals and finals for PMCO.


"We are practicing hard to play in the PMCO tournament and we will participate in PMCO next year", said Dynamo when more than 50k audience was watching him live and interacting with him. One of his fans wrote, "Dynamo is capable of winning and representing India at the world stage." While others congratulated him for taking such a bold decision of shifting from emulator to mobile in order to play PUBG at a competitive stage.