After OpTic and Fnatic, Team Vitality is the next big fish entering the growing pond namely India. While OpTic entered the CS:GO market, Fnatic signed PUBG Mobile squad XSpark, Team Vitality will be investing in esports teams and academies.

Team Vitality Invest 14 Million 03
Team Vitality will look to gain a foothold into the Indian esports scene with lots of money on the line

In a recent press release, the sponsor behind Team Vitality – was happy to announce their additional €14 Million investment into the organization. This will fuel the Team Vitality’s expansion to India. The project will include acquiring new players and launching a network of academies revolving around esports.

From little acorns grow

Team Vitality Invest 14 Million 04
Team Vitality is now present in many established esports like CS:GO, League of Legends

It is worth noting that Team Vitality started out back in 2013 with €10,000, aiming to be the first esports organization to reach $1 billion. The business grew quickly and saw Team Vitality secured another €20 million in investment from Wired.GG in November 2018. That put Team Vitality the most invested esports organization in Europe at the time.

Team Vitality Invest 14 Million 05
Team Vitality will pour lots of money into India with their next project

With another €14 million this time, Team Vitality will look to expand their business to India. Though the country is booming with esports growth, the amount of money poured into the market is staggering. While OpTic and Fnatic only sign one squad, Team Vitality will acquire new players and build a whole network of esports academies and even a system of esports infrastructure.

Team Vitality Invest 14 Million 07
Will we see esports thrive in India?

Recently, Global Esports – a local esports organizational has also announced a multi-million dollar deal from Venture Catalysts. This goes to show that many organizations have seen the potential of the India esports market. While esports has yet to be acknowledged as a sport in India, we may have our hopes up with international recognition.