DreamHack, one of the biggest gaming conventions in the world, is coming back to India for another tournament. This event has an amazing history – from just a simple local tournament in 1994, it has grown a thousand times to become an international event, which in turn created a series of digital events all over the world.

Last year, it was Mumbai’s turn to host the first-ever DreamHack gaming festival in India. The event has played a pivotal role in the entire ecosystem of Indian esports and gaming. To ensures the stable growth of the scene, these kinds of events are essential.

Opening Ceremony 2
Last year's opening ceremony in Mumbai

During the three days of DreamHack festival in Mumbai last year, we have seen professional gamers, big streamers and other celebrities reached out to connect with the crowd at the festival. The total prize pool of DreamHack Mumbai was ₹1 crore – this is actually a huge amount when compared to various other esports competitions in India.

Dhw15 Lan 2
The size of the LAN event

The gaming community of India pretty much came together as one in the event – while entertaining everybody during the three days of the events, DreamHack pretty much showed people the investment potential of the gaming industry. Delhi will be the host for this year’s DreamHack 2019, from Dec 6 to Dec 8. During the three days of the festival, there will be LAN tournaments for various games, from CS; GO to PUBG and even FIFA 20. There will also be various events related to gaming, such as Cosplay Event, Tabletop games, PC Modding, Meet and Greet, and last but not least, music and standup comedy.

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The size of the crowd last year

The winners of the related events would also get various prizes, ranging from ₹10,000 to ₹50,000. The cosplay event would be held every day while the PC modding and tabletop game contest would only be held once. The player who placed first in the retro game contest every day would also be awarded. The event will take place at NSIC Ground, Okhla. Tickets for the event are available for purchase now on BookMyShow, with the lowest tier being ₹499.

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