Team SouL, being the defending champion of the South Asia Regional Finals of PUBG Mobile Club Open, is not the team it once was. Previously, two out of the four members of the original lineup from the previous season has left the team, Ronak and Owais joining Fnatic. To replace the two members, SouL has taken in ClutchGod and reGaLTOs. According to an interview of Mortal, the new lineup has been getting along pretty well – the result of that has been materialized in the 18 matches of PUBG Mobile Club Open’s SA Finals.

Team SouL's second-place finish with $30,000 prize money

First day

During the first day of the tournament, Team SouL managed to get into the top three of the overall standings. While they are getting a lot of kills, there seems to be a problem in their coordination, which leads to their failure in getting any chicken dinner in the first 6 matches of the tournament. They were sticking to the survival gameplay, playing slow and cautious, however, its still not enough to get any top finish spots.

Second day

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SouL managed to reach the second spot without getting even once chicken dinner

Team SouL changed their playstyle on the second day of the tournament, favoring an aggressive approach, the opposite of how they played on the first day. At the end of the rounds, Team SouL has scored a whopping 63 kills, which in turn boosted them to the second spot in the overall leaderboard. However, they still haven’t able to get any chicken dinner on the second day.

Third day

ClutchGod is amongst the top players in the tournament.

On the final day, it looks like Team SouL was getting the hang of the tournament – they have perfected their game plan, with both kills and survival points considered. They were pretty active in all the matches of the third day, as the competitions are more aggressive than ever. SouL has succeeded in maintaining its playstyle and finishes second, just 10 points less than the top spot team, Entity. However, they still haven’t gotten even once Chicken Dinner.

SouL’s experience, teamwork, and composure have paid off, as they went from the bottom of the group to the top two. This new incarnation of Team SouL will represent India, playing in the global finals in Kuala Lumpur. Interested in more information about PMCO? Please check out this post for the overall results of the tournament.