The PMCO South Asia Regional Finals has ended with lots of back and forth between Entity Gaming and SouL on the last day. But Entity Gaming has successfully maintained their top position and crowned as the champion of the South Asia region. They did let themselves loose for a while and let team SouL took the lead. However, their tasty Chicken Chinner in Match 17 has put them back at the top.

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Entity Gaming is the champion

Team SouL went second. Even though they didn't have a single Chicken Dinner, they only lost to Entity Gaming by 10 points.  Team SouL may not have the best fragger, but thanks to MortaL, they could be in the right place at the right time to get the most out of every situation.

Both teams will be directly qualified for the PMCO Grand Finals.

From 3rd to 5th place were SynerGE, INS, and IND. SynerGE actually had a chance to take the 2nd spot from Soul in the last match as they have the same number of points in Match 17, but team SouL managed to outlast them a little bit longer. These 3 teams will have another chance to go to the PMCO Grand Finals through the Prelims.

Fnatic Ed6e_wm
Team Fnatic lacks a good IGL to lead the team

Team Fnatic failed to make it into the top 5 and will be eliminated. Their performance throughout all 3 days did not meet the expectation of their fans as one of the best Indian PUBG Mobile teams. They moved in the circle too late and always got caught by other teams. Maybe, it was because of the pressure of fans or it was maybe because of that they lack a good IGL. Either way, they need to find out what it was and improve it in the future.

Here are the details of all 6 matches on the final day.

Match 13 Erangel

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INS took second place, giving them a chance to get into the top 5

Both Enity Gaming and SouL were eliminated early while ETG. Brawler took the Chicken Dinner. INS went second, which helped them a lot with the overall standings.

Match 14 Sanhok

En Pmco South Asia Regional Finals Day 3 Vivo Fall 9cee_wm
Team SouL started closing their gap with Entity Gaming

Entity Gaming lost their sharpness the first day, continuing to die early, letting SouL close the gap. MortaL was the only survivor in the last circles so he decided to stay in the blue zone and heal. That decision earned his team 10 placement points by finishing third and prevented other teams from getting a free kill. Team IND got the Chicken Dinner with 24 points and 4 kills, further securing their slot for the Prelims.

Match 15 Miramar

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Team SouL went ahead and took the top spot from Entity Gaming in Match 15

Team SouL, with their consistency, got 19 points while Entity Gaming was daydreaming. For the first time ever, SouL took the lead while still having no Chicken Dinner at all. In the last circle, Zero Degree had a clear advantage over both SouL, which only had MortaL left, and SyngerGE. Thus they took the Chicken Dinner with 13 kills.

 Match 16 Erangel

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Top teams were eliminated early

The plane flew past the two bridges near Military Base in the South while the first circle was in the North of the map. Almost every team was not inside the first circle so they were forced to make long rotations early. All the top leaderboard teams were eliminated fairly early, leaving Mayhem, ETG.Brawlers and RIP Official in the final circle. Mayhem with 4 members easily won over the two other teams and got the Chicken Dinner with 11 kills. Enity Gaming was kicked down to 3rd place by SynerGE.

Match 17 Vikendi

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All it took was a well-cooked Chicken Dinner for Entity to back on top

Enity Gaming picked themselves up in Match 17 and went on a rampage with 17 kills, taking the decisive Chicken Dinner that put them on top once again. SynerGE went second and had a tied score with SouL.

Match 18 |Erangel

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Team SouL failed to surpass Entity Gaming

Entity Gaming got kicked out of the match early by SyngerGE, leaving an open for SouL to take the top. However, even though SouL got 6 kills, they couldn't survive very long, making Entity Gaming the champion before the match even ends.