From the start of the tournament, the famous PUBG Mobile team, SouL has been staying low, far too low to meet the expectation of their fans. They placed 13th in the Regional Playins and placed 9th after Day 1 of the Regional Finals. It's hard to think they will ever be able to compete with other teams such as ETG. Brawler or Fnatic to get into the PMCO Grand Finals. But, they proved otherwise on Day 2. They proved that they have the ability to stand toe to toe to any other team and climbed into the 2nd position after Day 2.

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Team SouL climbed to the top 2 after the second day

Team SouL understands that placement is not everything. They went for kills while trying to make it into the top 5 every match. As a result, they got 43 kills and earned 100 points in just one day, making them the 2nd place team overall. This scenario might remind fans of the last PMCO season, where team SouL performed poorly at first and then ended up as the Regional champion. Team SouL currently has 147 points, 23 points less than Entity Gaming. We will soon find out if they can become the Regional champion again or not.

Entity Gaming is still on the top thanks to their lead on Day 1. But at this pace, other teams will be able to catch up with them soon. Entity Gaming is now having 170 points.

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Can MortaL repeat the history one more time

SynerGE got 2 more Chicken Dinner and climbed to 3rd place. They are the team with the most Chicken Dinner right now. But with only 52 kills in total, they only have 144 points in 3rd place and that is not enough to get into the Grand Finals.

The gaps between teams from 4th to 9th place teams are not too many. Any of them still have a good chance to at least make it into the top 5 for the Prelims. Fnatic is now in 9th place. They are speeding up, but there is only one day left. If there is anything they haven't shown yet, then now is the time.

Here are all the details from the second of  PMCO South Asia Regional Finals.

Match 7 Erangel TPP

Elementrix won the game with 10 kills, boosting themselves to the third position. RIP Official climbed to second place.

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Match 7 Standings

Match 8 Sanhok TPP

Despite this game was played on Sanhok, the match started out really slow, there was no confrontation between teams at all, not until the last 3 circles. Team SouL got 12 kills, but the circle wasn't in their favor. SynerGE won the game with 9 kills, taking the 2nd position from RIP Official. Elementrix remained in 3rd place.

En Pmco South Asia Regional Finals Day 2 Fall Spli
Match 8 Standings

Match 9 Miramar TPP

Scout was the only survivor of team Fnatic in later circles, but he still managed to get 4 kills for himself before getting eliminated by team Mayhem. Mayhem was the winner of this game with 7 kills.

En Pmco South Asia Regional Finals Day 2 Fall Spli
Match 9 Standings

Match 10 Erangel TPP

Most teams were trying to play safe to get placement points in this match. However, the circle made a hard shift and forced everyone to make long rotations. Team Godlike and INS were the last 2 teams in the final circle. Godlike still had every member so they stomped INS easily.

En Pmco South Asia Regional Finals Day 2 Fall Spli
Match 10 Standings

Match 11 Vikendi TPP

This game belonged to IND as they managed to keep their whole team intact until the final circle. They defeated team SouL in the final circle and got 8 kills.

En Pmco South Asia Regional Finals Day 2 Fall Spli
Match 11 Standings

Match 12 Erangel TPP

Team SouL wasn't the winner, but they were the ones to get most kills this match. They ended up with even more points than SynerGE, who got the Chicken Dinner but only had 6 kills.

En Pmco South Asia Regional Finals Day 2 Fall Spli
Match 12 Standings