The 12th Playins round match of  PUBG Mobile Club Open South Asia Fall Split 2019 was held in Delhi. The match was between squads from Group B and Group C, with the battlefield of Erangel Map. The path of the plane is pretty straightforward, as its head from north to south, cross right through the middle of the map. This is actually a big deal, as every top tier locations like Military Base, School and Pochinki are made available to the players right from the start. The location of the first play zone is the circle contains the Military Base, Mylta Power, and the Ferry Pier. As most teams are already inside the zone, there wasn’t much pressure.

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The overall standing of the tournament, with Indian teams claiming the top spots

MymRedz was the first player to score a kill in the game. SouL’s early game was rather passive, as they probably wanted to play safe and secure a high position. However, their calculations were off the mark, as the momentum of the game has turned it into a bloodbath very quickly afterward. MEGA X was the first squad to get Eliminated.

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The final standings of the match

IND had picked an aggressive strategy and it paid off somewhat. While they only finished the game in third place, Ind had scored the most kills. SouL was rather underprepared and was eliminated in the chaos brawl – they ended the game in the 13th position.

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SouL and 8bit are eliminated early

The final two squads were Reckoning Esports and Nepali Ho Ni – the battle was intense, however, Reckoning Esports snatched the victory in the end.

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Stats summary for the match

This is their first Chicken Dinner ever in PMCO. Other notable teams like 8bit and Fnatic did not make much of an impact and ended up eliminated early. This is the last game of the Playin Stage and we will report more about this tournament’s regional finals.

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