As we all know, the PUBG Mobile scene in India is growing by bounds and leaps these days. With its incredible popularity, PUBG Mobile in the country has been the mainstream game for pretty much every esports organization. Even the Global Esports organization has picked up 4 PUBG Mobile squads recently.

Fnatic India Esports 02
Global Esports has also signed 3 PUBG Mobile squads

With the massive growth of PUBG Mobile in India, it is only a matter of time before international organizations jump at the chance. Fnatic is the first big foreign organization to pick up an Indian roster, Xspark. How will this affect the local esports and PUBG Mobile scene?

Fnatic India Esports 01
Fnatic has made their venture into India by signing one of the most prominent PUBG Mobile squads in the scene

Encourage competition from other organizations

Fnatic is among the best-established esports organizations in the world, fielding rosters across multiple games from CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends. It is like a big fish on a growing pond, Fnatic is now the biggest esports organization present in India with the closest competitors being Entity Gaming and Global Esports.

Fnatic India Esports 03
The name Fnatic can spark great hype for fans around the world

With their long history of running esports businesses, the race to becoming the most dominant force in a country will soon turn into Fnatic’s favor with their great management experience and facilities. Playing under an established esports organization has been the dream of every esports athlete, especially Fnatic. Therefore, they will have a better chance to recruit the best players in the scene.

Fnatic India Esports 04
Who could resist the temptation of playing under an established esport organization like Fnatic?

This will, in turn, encourage more international esports organizations to enter the scene. When seeing the success of Fnatic in the Indian market, other international organizations will realize the potential of the 1+ billion people market and follow the same path. More competition can only mean better growth and contribution.

Fnatic India Esports 05
India is among the fastest-growing markets in the world for Esports with a population of over 1.3 billion

The growth here is not limited to the prize money but more about brand awareness as India is one of the most populous countries in the world. The esports industry relies heavily on advertisements and partnerships with computer gaming brands. Success in one promising land like India will not go unnoticed.

Better global awareness for India

OpTic India was the first big international organization to enter the potential market for esports

Hardly did anyone know about the Esports scene in India before the venture of OpTic into the CS:GO scene. Though the project ended up a disaster with the scandalous incident of cheating, people actually know Indian players can be actually good, in some games especially in the FPS genre.

Moreover, playing under the jersey of Fnatic can bring a large fanbase of the Fnatic organization to the Indian PUBG Mobile scene. The esports organization fields multiple rosters across many esports and have accumulated a decent number of fans around the world. Be it CS:GO or Dota 2 or LoL fans, boasting the Fnatic fan jersey can mean a lot to esports enthusiasts.

Fnatic India Esports 07
Wielding your favorite team's jersey can mean a lot to fans

This, in turn, can bring more Fnatic fans to the Indian PUBG Mobile scene as they cheer for their favorite esports organization. Watching an esports tournament online is pretty easy nowadays as Youtube and Twitch are available everywhere. If things turn out good for the Fnatic PUBG Mobile squad, fans around the world will have one good topic to strike up a conversation with their friends.

Unfortunately, the Fnatic PUBG Mobile did not fare well in the recent PMCO Fall Split 2019. However, PUBG Mobile tournaments in India are abundant and the yellow-black jersey squad will look to make a return soon.