PUBG Mobile is an exciting battle Royale game. Joining this battle for survival in PUBG Mobile, you fight with other players and try to become the last man standing. Besides skills and a proper strategy, sometimes you need to know some tips or secrets to winning the game. Here are five fantastic mysteries in PUBG Mobile that not many players know. Check out these interesting facts and get Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile.

Peek at Enemies in the Old Hut

The first fantastic trick in PUBG Mobile is that you can kill enemies hiding in the old hut. On Miramar map, there are lots of old huts in the desert. Sometimes, players can ambush there and wait for you to run across and shoot at you. In such a large empty desert, these old huts seem to be great covers. However, these huts have a horizontal wood where you can peek at enemies hiding insides the hut and shoot them. Now, this shelter seems to be less safe to hide. If you often ambush in these shelters, you must be careful.

Take A Peek Into The Old Hut 89f1_wm
Take A Peek Into The Old Hut

Floating in The Air 

You can fly like an angle without cheating! Should you believe it? The answer is you should but you can only enjoy this feature when you do custom. This is one of the most amazing mysteries in PUBG Mobile. You need to meet a special requirement of the system to float in the air. Join a match with three players, including you, your friend and an enemy. When the enemy dies in the plane, you will get Chicken Dinner and then float in the air.

Kar98K Mysteries In PUBG Mobile TDM

Kar98K is a very strong sniper rifle in the Team Death Match (TDM) mode. Trust me, you can get one kill with only one bullet. You don’t even need to kill them with a headshot. With Kar98K, you can aim at their body and knock down your enemies with one bullet. Kar98K is an amazing SR in the Death Match. If you still doubt it, try and confirm.

One Kill With One Bullet E622_wm
One Kill With One Bullet

Wait for Six Seconds

In the Death Match (TDM) Team mode, it takes you six seconds to heal, and another six seconds to come back the match after dying. Six seconds seem to be the benchmark for regeneration in this game mode. You don’t believe it? Try playing TDM and count it with a stopwatch.

Stop Climbing

This is the last thing in top amazing tricks and mysterious in PUBG Mobile. When you spot someone ambushing in front when you’re climbing a wall or an object, just stop. You can cancel the climbing by pointing down the joystick. It would not be cool, but it can help you survive until the last circle.

Stop To Fight E171_wm
Stop To Fight

These are 5 interesting mysteries in PUBG Mobile. With these small tips, skills, and a proper plan, you can get easy Chicken Dinner every night.