There are a lot of 'Keeper' games in the game industry now, and they vary from many concepts. From the cute pet raising Temtem to the intriguing Graveyard Keeper, developers seem never run out of ideas to make these kinds of games. And now, the developer Fevir has successfully met its goals with their project - Creature Keeper!

It's a Zelda-like action-adventure game that puts you into the caretaker of the strange wild creatures that will go crazy if you don't feed them. I deeply understand how one would feel when hungry, so I don't blame them!

Nevertheless, here's the new teaser of the game which showcased the fighting in Creature Keeper, which you can have a look:

Overview on Creature Keeper

One wise woman has said: "The fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach" - and that's exactly how you should do with the creatures surround you as well. That's the concept of Creature Keeper.

To be more specific, you'll take control of a young boy living deep in the forest. No one is here with him, and he has to make friends with the wild creatures. Every day the protagonist will cook meals and snacks to feed them, and together, they'll form a powerful team to stand against the dangerous foes that the boy cannot deal with on his own.

Creature Keeper 2
Bring the creatures to your adventure

The cooking system in this game is very rich in content, in which you can choose a suitable meal for each kind of creature. Each of them has a distinctive taste (don't we all?), and will respond much better if you put more effort into cooking their meals. However, you don't have information on their taste at the beginning, so the only way to find it is by trying.

Creature Keeper 1
The more efforts you spend with your meals, the more those creatures will love you

Creature Keeper features a total of 50 distinctive creatures that you might come across during your journey. Each of them has their own specialty, pros and cons, such as some have strong attacks but very fragile against damages. Furthermore, you can learn their skills for the specific creatures you tamed, and those skills are upgradable as they level up. So, choose the right combination for your adventure.

The combats in this game are simple but very responsive, in which you can use a wide range of weapons, including swords, bows and many more. Additionally, you also have your magical skills to help you with your journey as well, which you can arrange three from all of them before starting exploring the wood.

Creature Keeper 3
Choose three from all your weapons before heading to the battles

Return from every journey, you can enjoy your life as a farmer with your beloved friends as well. Specifically, you're given a 5x5 planting area called Pocket Garden - which you can have alternative fun away from the battles and bosses. In there, you will have to arrange your crops and plants the ingredients to cook for the creatures. Home-made foods are the best!

Creature Keeper 4
The planting in this game is like playing a small Tetris round!

Last but not least, all of the intriguing experience of taming, cooking, farming and fighting are packed in beautiful hand-drawn visuals. Adding the cherry on top, the music in this game also comes from the same person that has created the gameplay - so you won't have to worry about the music not matching the story of the game.

Expected release date

Creature Keeper has met its goal on Kickstarter, and the developer Fevir will release it at some time in March, 2021.

But now, there's a free demo of the game on, which you can try to have a closer look. The demo here is update gradually for new content often.