PUBG Mobile has definitely gained explosive popularity in the last few years, ever since its release. While there are a lot of reasons behind that success, the contribution of content creators cannot be taken lightly. And amongst India’s PUBG Mobile content creators, Dynamo is probably the best and most popular.

Who is Dynamo Gaming?

Dynamo Gaming’s real name is Aditya Sawant, 23 years old, born and raised in Mumbai. With 7.82 million subscribers, Dynamo Gaming has joined the ranks of the biggest gaming channel on YouTube and gained the position of the most followed PUBG Mobile player in the world. His popularity has been growing exponentially since last year, with the number of subscribers almost doubled.

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Dynamo Gaming is famous for his ability to score headshots

In the past, Dynamo Gaming started with YouTube by uploading Dota 2 and Battlefield 3 contents on his channel. He switched to PUBG PC afterward, but only when PUBG Mobile release did he hit his stride. Dynamo plays PUBG Mobile using an Emulator.

Recently, in a Twitter post, Dynamo has revealed that PUBG Mobile’s developers have awarded him an exclusive title called “PUBG Partner” in-game. He also expresses his gratitude for PUBG Mobile’s acknowledgment and supports over the years.

What is the “PUBG Partner” title?

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The illustrious Partner Title

The meaning of the special title was revealed by a Tencent staff during a session in PUBG Mobile’s official Discord server. “PUBG Partner” is something you can apply for – but only the PUBG Mobile community team has the power to decide which community members or content creators are eligible for it. The requirements are listed below.

Requirements to become a PUBG Partner:

This is just a general guide - usually, Partnership would be decided in a case by case basis.

Content Requirements:

  • Your content complies with Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
  • You should broadcast or upload gaming content at a minimum 3 times a week.
  • You should have an average concurrent viewership of 50,000+ subscribers on YouTube or 150 + on Twitch.

What must a partner have?

  • When you play or stream PUBG Mobile, be a model of sportsmanship.
  • You are willing to provide constructive feedback to the development team.
  • You respect the PUBG Mobile community and other players.
  • Your content is suitable to be featured on our social media channels and free of any inappropriate materials.
  • You are dedicated to engaging with your own community in meaningful ways.

Partners' benefits:

  • In-game exclusive items for PUBG Partners.
  • Exclusive access to the PUBG Partners Discord server.
  • Exclusive VIP Party Invites when they attend a PUBG convention. Age restrictions may apply by region.
  • In-game Code Giveaways to allow Partners to share with their communities.
  • Physical PUBG Goods, Partner exclusive loot crates
  • Partners can opt into an affiliate link and receive a percentage of all sales using that link.

The special title would be displayed in-game. Due to its rarity, everyone would recognize the player equipped it. Interested in more of our articles related to PUBG Mobile? Please check out this post to find out more information about the upcoming Livik map.