Some EA studios, including the one in Melbourne, Australia have been laying off workers, and this Melbourne studio is in charge of developing popular Android racer series Real Racing. This means, unfortunately, there will be no Real Racing 4 in the future anymore.

5Real Racing is always on top of the racing game chart in the Android platform

This studio is famous for developing games such as Need for Speed: No Limits and The Sim: Freeplay. So not only Real Racing but also some other games are laid off as well. It is considered as a huge loss for EA.

This studio had been working on the fourth addition to the Real Racing series, but in the end, it was canceled previous week, according to reports. This might be a result of layoffs in Australia at the present. This seems to be quite unexpected as Real Racing was a famous franchise for EA, especially on the mobile market, a field that many huge game studios want to hit. People are now keen on playing games on smartphones and tablets rather than purchasing real consoles to game.

6Real Racing 3 on a smartphone

EA is hated by many players internationally. The major reason is that this studio offers in-app purchase in every title it makes. Whenever you buy its game, you still have to purchase things in the game at a considerable price, which irritated many people. This kind of annoyance is understandable among players. It's ridiculous when you have already paid about $60 for the game, and then still have to purchase in-app items to actually keep playing it.

7There will be no Real Racing 4

Some people working in EA’s Melbourne studio describe the current atmosphere as gloomy and awful, as the studio is closing down in the future. Employees, both those who are going to be laid off and the staying ones, are extremely worried. Nevertheless, EA spokesperson said that the studio will still work as usual for now. This is about what you'd expect from EA. The company will never say straightly that they are going to close a studio or an office till they are doing it for real.

According to EA, this studio is going to focus more on live servers. It is stated that it is going to "work on some of our most popular mobile games." And they are doing it by deciding to shift teams around. EA is also "identifying other opportunities at EA."

In conclusion, in the future, you will not see new titles in the Real Racing series.