Free Fire Dreamy Club is a time-limited event that has been launched yesterday. This event will last until July 27th, 2020. It brings Free Fire players a lot of exclusive and attractive rewards. Check out the full details of this event here with

All About Dreamy Club Event In Free Fire

This time-limited event brings Free Fire players a lot of valuable and attractive rewards, including the Dreamy Club Bundle. Like other lucky spin events, Players have to pay diamonds to play and win the grand prize. There are many other attractive rewards apart from the grand prize.

Free Fire Dreamy Club
Free Fire Has Launched Dreamy Club Event For A Limited Period Of Time From July 21st to 27th, 2020

One spin costs in this event cost you 20 diamonds. But if you buy a package of 5 spins, you need to pay only 90 diamonds. Then, you spin to collect the Club Tokens or small gifts. The event prizes can be redeemed with these Club Tokens.

Dreamy Club Rewards
You can get many small gifts or Club tokens from the spin

With one token, you get a Clubs Parachute skin. Next, you get a Malice Joker Surfboard skin with 2 tokens and a Chips Case Loot Box with 3 Club tokens. Then, players get a Royal Flush Backpack skin when collecting enough 4 tokens. And the grand prize of this even, Dreamy Club Bundle, can be obtained when you get 5 tokens from the spin.

Free Spin
Exchange small prizes for a free spin

Moreover, players can get a free spin every three paid spins. However, you need to exchange three small gifts you get from 3 previous paid spins for the free spin. This event is also titled Dreamy’s Royal Flush. It will end after the date of July 27th, 2020. So, you need to hurry up or you will miss this great chance to get an exclusive bundle in Free Fire.