Radish, Pinecone, and Fowl are three required items in Marvelous Merchandise Day 5. Check out the best locations to harvest radish, pinecone, and fowl in Genshin Impact now. You can complete Liden's today order in only three quick trips.

#1. Best Pinecone Locations

Pinecone is only available to collect in the wild. You cannot buy or get it from any NPCs in Genshin Impact. Here are the best locations to collect enough five pinecones for Liben in only one trip.

  • Wooden bridge in Qingce Village;
  • The Northernmost area in Stormbarer Mountains;
  • North of Dragonspine.

You should explore Pine tree forests to pick up these pinecones quickly. You can get up to nine pinecones on the bridge in Qingce Village and collect enough required units of pinecones for Liben in one trip only.

Genshin Impact Pinecone Qingce Village
Travelers can collect enough pinecones in only one trip to Qingce Village.

There are six pinecones on the bridge and three other ones on the grass area at the end of the bridge. You can also hunt some birds on the bridge with an AoE elemental skill or burst to harvest enough fowls.

If you have collected pinecones for other purposes before giving them to Liben, go to the pine forest in the north of Mondstadt or Dragonspine and travel around.

#2. Best Radish Locations

Radish grows all over Teyvat. It's also available to purchase from some shops. Check out the best places to harvest and buy this vegetable in Genshin Impact.

  • Buy 10 radishes from Chef Mao in Liyue's Wanmin Restaurant and Shimura Kanbei in Inazuma's restaurant.
  • Two villages' gardens near two cottages in the south of Dawn Winery;
  • A small patch at the cottage near Stone Gate in Liyue;
  • Expeditions in Liyue's Guyun Stone Forest and Mondstadt's Wolvendom.

Each radish in Chef Mao's and Shimura Kanbei's restaurants costs 315-350 Mora. But the shop items are only refreshed after 3 days. Genshin Impact players can also collect some radishes in the Teapot's garden if you have grown them at least 72 hours ago.

Genshin Impact Dawn Winery Radish Location
You can get enough radishes in Dawn Winery.

#3. Best Fowl Locations

Fowl can be collected in the wild after killing birds in Genshin Impact. But you should use bow users, especially the character Aloy to approach birds without startling them. Here are the best places where you can find many birds in Teyvat.

  • The bridge leading to the City of Mondstadt;
  • South of Dawn Winery;
  • Around the Statue of Seven in Windrise.

Besides, you can buy 10 Fowls from Draff from 06:00 to 19:00 every day to complete Liben's order right away. If you sent your characters in Expeditions to Windrise in Mondstatd and Nazuchi Beach in Inazuma yesterday, you can go to see Katheryne and talk to her to claim these fowls.

Fowl Best Farming Route
Use an Elemental Burst on the bridge leading to the City of Mondstadt to get many fowls.

Collect as many fowl, radish, and pinecones as you can because you may need to for later orders or cooking some dishes.

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