Farming Simulator 20, the newest addition to the massively successful Farming Simulator series, is set to hit Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch this December. The game was announced through an interesting trailer that obviously draws heavy inspirations from Pokémon with the catchphrase “Gotta Farm’em All”. Check out the trailer below:

Farming Simulator 20 takes you to a new North American environment upon which you’ll establish your new farm. You'll tend to livestock such as sheep and cows to collect wool and milk, which you can then sell for profit. Aside from that, you'll also have horses to carry you to different parts of the farm.

In addition to the new cattle, there are more kinds of crops to grow across the several fields that you’ll have access to as well: Oats, soybean, barley, and cotton just to name a few.

Farming Simulator 20 1320x743 C5f7_wm
You'll have horses to carry you to different parts of the farm

With so much work to do, you of course are going to need the best equipment you can get your hands on. So, as you can probably expect if you are a long-time fan of the series, Farming Simulator 20 features plenty of new, authentic farming vehicles to purchase. Machines from several popular brands such as New Holland, John Deere, Krone, and Fends are all present here.

The game also adds a cockpit view, allowing you to see things from a first-person view when you are working on the field if you so wish. That said, you’ll most likely spend most of your time in the third-person perspective, as that allows you to see more details.

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Machines from many popular brands are present

Farming Simulator 20 is set to hit Google Play, the App Store, and Nintendo Switch on the 3rd of December with pre-registration already available now. It will be a premium game priced at $5.99 (Rs 420) on phones.