FAU-G has been the main center of the Indian gaming community for many months and was considered to be a rival to PUBG Mobile. The game has over 4 million pre-registrations and fans can't wait to see how a mobile game developed by an Indian studio will stand up to their expectation.

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FAU-G was finally released yesterday and the game sure has surprised a lot of people, not in a good way, though.

FAU-G Review


After pressing the Start button, the game starts introducing the story through comic pages with dub and subtitle. So far so good, it was quite fun to watch the story. But the fun ends when it comes to the real action. Turn out, FAU-G is actually not a shooter game, but a punching game, a very boring punching game.

You can move your character in different directions with the pad on the left. On the right side, there are an attack button and a parry button. There is a weapon menu on the bottom of the screen. That's all of it, you can't jump or sit.

Follow the mark to progress the mission and you will meet enemies along the way. How do you fight them? Just spam the attack button and that is it. It's just like fighting a dummy. Sometimes you get a Club or an Axe from enemies but they don't change the fact that your combat gameplay is still just spamming the attack button. Also, these weapons have limited uses so you will have to go back to your kicks and punches soon.

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You will face multiple enemies at the same time but most of them will just stand around waiting for you to hit them.

You can heal your HP by resting at campsites but this will consume the limited time you have on your mission, which might actually a good thing because it is hard to sit through 25 minutes doing this repeated gameplay.


The graphics of the game was alright. I don't experience any bugs or lag while playing the game. The movement of your character is fluid. There are a few different attack animations, which are cool at first but will then become boring and repetitive soon.

In the settings, there is a slider that allows you to adjust the graphics of the game from very low to ultra.

This is probably is the only that is good about the game. While it is not mind-blowing in any way, it shows potential.

Game Mode

There is a total of 3 Game Modes: Campaign, Team Deathmatch (5vs5), and Free For All. The only mode that is available at the moment is the Campaign mode.

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Store and Honor road

The Store sells you weapon skin and character skins using Token and Silver Coins. You can get Token using real money or by playing the game.

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The Honor Road is the progress reward system.  You will be rewarded with weapons, character skins, and Silver coins the more you play.

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FAU-G is definitely not fun to play at all and doesn't worth the hype it got. You can hardly call this a game because games are supposed to be fun. Spamming one button without thinking during the entire game is not fun at all and feels like a chore. It is hard to understand why the devs decided to not put any gun gameplay into a war game and go with this route instead.

The only good thing about the game is the graphics. However, it is not good enough to put players through the 25 minutes of boredom at all. Maybe, the game can become better with updates but for now, don't even waste your time downloading the game.

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