Earlier in January, developer Fellow Traveller announced that they were looking for some beta game testers for a game project. It was for a game on iOS that should come out alongside its PC version. Apparently, that game seems to be The Stillness Of The Wind. This is a narrative-driven game that was originally revealed only for PC up until now. Below is the launch trailer of the game. Having a quick glance, it looks enchanting with the arts and color palette:

Discover the enchanting story

In The Stillness Of The Wind, you will take the role of Talma - an old lonely goat farmer who lives in the countryside. Talma does normal daily work like growing her crops, breeding her animals while occasionally communicate with her family members in the city through letters. You will experience Talma’s story through her life, loss, meditation, and more. It’s up to you to decide how Talma lives her final days. She will also encounter a merchant who will bring letters to and from her family as well.

The stillness of the wind
A merchant is visiting Talma to deliver letters from her family members.

Mechanically, what inspires the creators is the desire to create a game without actions, without being objective-oriented that also tells a personal story. There’s shooting or fighting in pretty much every video game these days, so a game like this where you simply live a normal, peaceful life seems really refreshing.

The stillness of the wind
Staring at the goats, who would have thought such a game would be so worth waiting for?

Keep an eye out for the game release

The Stillness Of The Wind will release on PC, Switch, and iOS next week on Feb 7th. The Steam and Switch version cost $12.99 (Rs 920), whereas the iOS version will set buyers back $4.99 (Rs 355). With an amazing soundtrack, a fascinating storyline and soothing gameplay, The Stillness of the Wind will be an interesting name to check out, especially for fans of narrative-driven, non-linear games. It will be intriguing to see the gameplay difference between Switch and iOS once they’re both available. Although, it is likely that the one on iOS might have a higher resolution and without traditional controls.