Asia's biggest Free Fire Tournament this year has just come to an end. EXP Esports, a Free Fire Squad from Thailand, has won the tournament with just one single point over the runner up, King of Gamers Club, another Free Fire squad from the same country.

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FFCS Champion EXP Esports

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the results of this tournament.

1 - About FFCS Asia 2020

12 of the best Free Fire Squads of the continent participated in this tournament to find out who's the best of them all. Usually, Garena would hold a big "World" event so that squads from all over the world could play in LAN... but due to the Covid situations this year, that is impossible.

This is probably the main reason why Thailand dominated the tournament this year - they are the strongest Free Fire country in the world, with Brazil being the second.

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2 - FFCS Asia 2020 Results

EXP Esports has won the tournament after a hard-fought day full of action. They ended up with 161 points and 41 kills, just one more point than King of Gamers Club, the 2nd spot. The third place finish is RRQ Hades, an Indonesian squad with 133 points. The top three teams get 80, 50 and 30 thousand dollars respectively.

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It is pretty weird that the top 3 are all non-directly invited teams. They all go through the play-ins rounds. India's Total Gaming only came 8th, with 70 points and 17 kills. They still bring home a prize of fourteen thousand US Dollars, of course.

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