Square Enix is now teaming up with developers Joyful Space of Creation (JSC) and GAEA for a new mobile MMORPG made in the likeness of Final Fantasy XV. The title – which apparently is still in its early development stage and has yet to have an official name – was announced yesterday via an official press release. No pictures or footages are available at the moment, but the press release did give us a glimpse of what to expect.

Firstly, it's being made using Unreal Engine 4. The story, meanwhile, is a re-telling of the road trip adventure of Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto that we got to experience years ago in FFXV. That said, there will reportedly several new missions to complete and areas to explore, including some levitating continents and a place called the Great Pagoda.

Since this new game is first and foremost an MMORPG, it is naturally going to be very different from the singleplayer FFXV and the Pocket Edition that came with it. Given that both JSC and GAEA have collaborated with Square in the past, we have reasons to expect that the project is in good hands. It’s still too early to say anything, of course, so we shall have to wait until there is further information.

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The new MMORPG will be very different compared to Final Fantasy XV or its Pocket Edition version

According to social gaming site Enduins, this upcoming title will feature elements from FFXV Royal Edition, which included the post-launch DLCs. JSC CEO Park Ji-young will offer attractive characters, an engaging story, and a distinct JRPG vibe. “We are doing our best to implement it," he said.

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There will be attractive characters, an engaging story, and a distinct JRPG vibe, the developers promise

As for the release date, all we know so far is that Final Fantasy XV Mobile (let’s just call it that for now) will launch first in China with a global release coming later. A trailer is said to be revealed sometime during the first half of this year. Stay tuned for more updates!