Recently, Niantic has introduced a new feature on Pokémon Go called Adventure Sync. Thanks to this feature, you don’t have to open Pokémon Go or having Pokémon Go Plus to track your steps.

A Pokemon found in the wild

This is a wonderful news for people who spend much time to hatch eggs or collect buddy candy because both missions require players to walk or bicycle a fix distance. You may not forget how hard it is to hatch a 10-kilometer egg. However, things have changed. Pokémon Go now can record your steps even when it is not open. Besides, this update is also friendly to your battery and data plans.

Through Android Google Fit and iOS HealthKit, Adventure Sync can obtain data of your weekday exercise like walking, running…and make a summary every week. After that, Adventure Sync will send data to Pokemon Go and it will have a certain impact on the game like unlocking rewards or missions on the game based on your weekly activity.

Pokemon Go Announces Adventure Sync And It S The G

John Hanke, Niantic’s CEO wrote that Adventure Sync will not only available on Pokémon Go. He and his company are making a plan to implement it on other games in the future.

Hanke said that the weekday physical activities of 47% of gamers have increased a lot since playing the game. Moreover, the game not only encourages players to walk more than average but also helps them to connect with other players directly. Therefore, Hanke believed that the good response from the community will be the motivation for them to create more real-world games and helpful features like Adventure Sync.

According to the plan, Adventure Sync will be rolled out in the upcoming weeks. Till then, don’t stop walking with your Pokemon Go. It is better for your health than sitting all days with a phone in your hand.