The Foggy Forest branch is a new quest item in Genshin Impact 4.2. Let's check out all Foggy Forest branch Genshin locations in Fontaine 4.2 and their uses here.

I. Foggy Forest Branch Locations

There are six Foggy Forest branches to collect in Fontaine 4.2. Let's check out the locations of these branches here.

#1. Branch 1

The first branch can be found on the mountain peak in the west of Loch Urania. Start the time challenge on this summit and collect ten Hydro Particles to complete it and obtain a treasure chest. Open the treasure chest to get rewards, including a Foggy Forest branch. Moreover, you can get a hidden Hydroculus in Fontaine 4.2 after completing this time challenge.

First Branch
Complete the time challenge.

#2. Branch 2

Head southeast to the small pond on the other mountainside of the Weeping Willow of the Forest where you find a puzzle with three Water Volume Detection Crystals. Follow these steps to get this branch.

  • Grab the Hydrograna and turn it into Hydro Core by standing in the water.
  • Set the core on the top of the rock.
  • Hit the blue crystal to make it turn orange.
  • When all the lanterns are activated, hit the orange crystal to stop the spin.

Then, you will get a Precious Chest with a branch and many rewards.

Second Branch
Solve the puzzle.

#3. Branch 3

The third branch is in the small pond south of Weeping Willow of the Lake. Take the Ousia orb and activate the Pneuma storage box in the water to get a treasure chest with the branch inside.

Third Branch
Get the third branch.

#4. Branch 4

The fourth branch is locked inside a secret vault guarded by Treasure Hoarders. It's near the farthest southeast waypoint from the Weeping Willow. Find three keys to open the vault and get the branch, by:

  • Defeating treasure hoarders to open the chest;
  • Picking the key in the bird's nest on the top of the shipwreck;
  • Digging in a spot in the southwest of the waypoint.
The Fourth One
Open the locked door.

#5. Branch 5

The fifth branch can be collected in the small pond in the north of the previous location. Throw the Energy Orb to remove the breakable rock in the pond to get a Hydroculus and open the way to the broken ship. Interact with the portal in the ship to teleport to the shipwreck and get the branch.

Fifth Branch
Dive into the pond.

#6. Branch 6

The last branch is also hidden in a small pond. Find a polluted pond in the east of the Weeping Pillow. Clean the pond and dive into the water to find a portal to the hidden room with the treasure chest and the last branch.

6th Branch
Clear the contamination to enter the pond. 

II. How To Use Foggy Forest Branches

Once you get all six Foggy Forest branches around Erinnyes Forest, go to see Pahsiv in the northern cave of Loch Urania. Give all these branches to this Melusine to get rewards, including:

  • Primogems x40;
  • Mora x3,500;
  • Varunada Lazurite Fragments x3;
  • Guide to Equity x3;
  • Xenochromatic Crystal x3.

If you don't see Pahsiv in the cave, check if the World Quest 'The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes' is completed or not.

Foggy Branch
Give them to Pahsiv.

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