There are eight Aircraft scattered around Fontaine in Genshin Impact 4.0. Let's check out all Fontaine aircraft locations and rewards.

I. Elynas

There are five Fontaine aircraft in Elynas. Let's check out where they are and how to start them here.

Aircraft Locations In Elynas
Aircraft locations in Elynas

#1. Southmost ship

The Aircraft in the south of Elynas is the nearest spot to the entrance of Fontaine. It's near a camp with Meka robots. After you get on the aircraft, pick up the Pneuma-Ousia orbs and use charge attacks to hit the device with the opposite type of energy to start the engine.

While starting the aircraft engine, you have to defeat some Anemo Slimes on this ship. It's better to bring a bow wielder and shoot these floating enemies down. This aircraft has a remarkable chest giving you the blueprint for Court of Justice's Concientiousness.

Solve Puzzles And Unlock Remarkable Chests
Solve puzzles and unlock remarkable chests on these ships.

#2. Next to the Statue of Seven

The next aircraft can be found near the Statue of Seven in Elynas. Defeat two Meka bosses guarding this aircraft before starting it. Then, you will get another crafting blueprint in the Remarkable chest on this ship.

#3. Northeast Waypoint

There is another aircraft near the Northeastern waypoint in Elynas facing the Court of Fontaine through a large water body. Open the minimap and mark this waypoint near the giant Dragon Skull in Elynas. You can unlock a common chest easily without having to defeat an enemy.

#4. Central Peak

The Aircraft near the central peak is floating in the sky of Elynas. You can find the Hydro teleporter on the top of the mountain. Use this device to fly to the ship to solve the Pneuma-Ousia puzzle and get a Remarkable Chest with the Court of Justice's Commerce blueprint.

Use The Teleporter
Use the teleporter to reach the aircraft.

#5. Northwest Mountainous Waypoint

The last ship in Elynas can be found on an aircraft station near the northwestern waypoint. It's lying on the ground. So, you can easily get in this ship and solve the puzzle for the Remarkable chest with a Court of Justice's Merchandise blueprint.

II. West Slopes of Mont Automnequi

There is an aircraft in the West Slopes of Mont Automnequi. After solving the Pneuma-Ousia puzzle in this ship, defeating Hydro slimes, and hitting the steering wheel to start it, you will unlock a hidden achievement of Sogno di Volare. In addition, this ship also has a Remarkable Chest.

Aircraft Genshin Impact Achievement
Start the aircraft and unlock a hidden achievement.

III. North of Court of Fontaine

There are two aircraft in the North of the current Fontaine map. There is an underwater aircraft tied by underwater weeds. You have to borrow the Xenochromatic Hunter's Ray of the nearby creature to cut these weeds and release the ship. Then, get on the ship and start it to get an Exquisite Chest as a reward.

Aircraft Locations In Court Of Fontaine
Aircraft locations in the Court of Fontaine areas. 

The last aircraft can be found in the mountainous area in the North of the Court of Fontaine. You can use the Teleport Waypoint to get there quickly. You will encounter some Clockwork Meka dogs and Anemo slime while starting it. Then, you can collect a Luxurious Chest with 10 Primogems and tons of rewards, a Remarkable chest, and a Hydroculus here.

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