Genshin Impact Marcotte is a local specialty in Fontaine. You can find 282 flowers in the open world and more flowers from other sources. Let's check out the best places to farm and get this flower in Genshin Impact. Then, learn how to use this flower.

I. How To Get Marcotte Flowers

There are four ways to get Marcotte flowers in Genshin Impact. But most of them can be found in the wild. Here are all four sources of this collectible plant in Fontaine here.

#1. Marcotte Locations In The Wild

There are up to 282 flowers found in the open world of the Hydro nation. You can find it everywhere in this country, from the north to the south. Go on an exploration trip around the wilderness and pick these flowers.

Marcotte Locations
All Marcotte locations in Fontaine.

#2. From NPCs

There are two NPCs selling Marcotte flowers in Genshin Impact. It costs 240 Mora per unit.

  • Boucicaut: He is the manager of Damoville Purveyor in the Court of Fontaine. He sells 10 flowers per day.
  • Eugenie: This Fresh Produce Vendor is running a fruit shop in the Court of Fontaine. You can buy 15 flowers every three days.
Eugenie Fruit Shop In The Court Of Fontaine
Go to the Fruit Shop of Eugenie in the Court of Fontaine to buy it.

#3. Expeditions

You can get 2 - 12 flowers every 4 - 20 hours from the expedition in The Outskirts of Poisson. Go to the Adventurer's Guild, talk to Katheryne, and choose a character to send him/her to this location. Select the time duration to get rewards.

#4. From Jade Field In Serenitea Pot

Genshin Impact players who have unlocked Serenitea Pot can also grow Marcotte flowers in Jade Fields. You can grow 8 flowers on two fields and harvest them after 72 hours. But it's a slow source of this plant.

Jade Field Genshin Impact
Collect or buy seeds to grow this flower in the Jade Field in Serenitea Pot.

II. How To Use Marcotte Flowers

You need lots of Marcotte flowers to cook many local dishes in Fontaine. Besides, it's the main ingredient of a new fish bait in this nation.

#1. Crafting Recipes

Let's check out all six cooking and crafting recipes using Marcotte flowers in Genshin Impact till update 4.0.

Category Recipe Ingredients Images
Cooking Fontainian Foie Gras
  • Fowl x2
  • Jam x1
  • Marcotte flower ×1
Fontainian Foie Gras
Fruity Trio
  • Bulle fruit x1
  • Jam x1
  • Bird Egg x1
  • Marcotte flower ×2
Fruity Trio
Poisson Seafood Soup
  • Fish x4
  • Mint x2
  • Tomato x2
  • Marcotte flower ×2
Poisson Seafood Soup
Steak Tartare
  • Raw Meat ×3
  • Bird Egg ×3
  • Onion ×2
  • Marcotte flower ×2
Steak Tartare
Vessie Chicken
  • Fowl ×4
  • Raw Meat ×4
  • Fermented Juice ×2
  • Marcotte flower ×3
Vessie Chicken
Fish bait 10 Flashing Maintenance Mek Baits
  • Iron chunk x1
  • Marcotte flower x1
Flashing Maintenance Mek Baits

#2. Shop Usage

Marcotte flower is also essential for exchanging new Fontaine weapon diagrams. Each diagram cost 10 flowers and other materials. Here are three forgeable weapon diagrams in this Hydro nation:

  • Song of Stillness bow;
  • Tidal Shadow Claymore;
  • Flowing Purity catalyst.
Fontaine Weapon Diagrams
You can get three Fontaine weapon diagrams by using 30 Marcotte flowers.

Genshin Impact Marcotte is very popular in Fontaine. It's very easy to collect hundreds of these flowers in the open world of this nation.

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