Fortnite is becoming one of the biggest hit in the gaming industry, but it is far from perfect. One major issue that is easy to realize is the uneven ground problem. Imagine you are walking on a low ground surface and encounter your enemy. In this case, you have to build the wall in the lower ground first, then build another to be fully protected from your enemies. This has been a problem since the first launch of this Battle Royale title, but only until now did Epic decided to fix the bug.

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Uneven ground has been a disadvantage of Fortnite

Patch v7.20 is going to be launched next week. In this new version, a modification will be implemented where players are able to automatically build two walls as long as they are standing in the lower ground. This will allows players to escape the fire when they are in such cases and is extremely helpful if players are not aware that the ground they are on is uneven.

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Fortunately, Epic already addressed the issue and fixed it

Fortnite placed importance on promoting players to develop their skills, this additional feature shows that the company paid attention to the feedbacks of each player and try to perfect the game by implementing embellishments for even the rarest situations. So as not to break the game, this update can only come in handy if the wall players want to build needs to be connected to a piece that is more than 70 percent underground. Wonderful news for the players: that piece is totally free. No material costs will be needed since most of it is underground anyway.

The updated version will be available next week

Epic said in its announcement post recently, these modifications will be mostly on walls, so whether there be any differences between platforms and ramps remains unknown to us. The only way to find out is to wait for another week until the new version of Fortnite is available.