Famous Fortnite pro player and streamer Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney recently took to Twitter and Twitch stream to complain about the current state of Fortnite, saying the game is “boring” and “annoying”.

Even though developer Epic Games constantly updates Fortnite with new features, weapons, and changes, but the game just isn’t doing as well as in the past, leading Tfue to call it out on his stream.

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Tfue is one of the most popular Fortnite player right now

Part of the reason why the FaZe Clan pro was struggling to have good performances is because Fortnite players these days tend to do everything in their power to avoid confrontation.

To win a Fortnite match, one would need more than guns and bullets. There are various resources to consider, including consumable items, traps, and building materials. Furthermore, the point of the game is not to kill as many people as possible, but to try and survive until the very end. This has led to a problem: Many players would rather run away or hide from the fights than actually play them out.

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Many players prefer to hide than face a confrontation

“People just get scared and they just sit in a box,” Tfue said during one of his streams. “Everyone just wants to hide.”

The pro player’s frustration comes as more and more Fortnite streamers are switching to EA’s new battle royale Apex Legends, and he thinks Epic needs to make some drastic change to its game if it wants to stay ahead of the competition.

Tfue disagrees when many people say that the main problem with Fortnite is the Deagle (Hand Cannon). He thinks the game needs a much bigger change than new skins and weapons. It needs an entirely new map.

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Tfue thinks Apex Legends is more friendly towards new players

“The reason people are on Apex is because this game is stale," he said, pointing out repetitiveness as one of Fortnite’s main issues. According to Tfue, nothing can be fun forever, so in order for Fortnite to be great again, it needs a brand new map, with new weapons and vehicles to make it look like a new game altogether.

He also insists that Apex Legends is not better than Fortnite, it’s just more casual-friendly. There exists a huge skill gap between players in Fortnite, as newcomers tend to get overwhelmed by all the building mechanics and thus gets bullied very hard, making it nearly impossible for them to enjoy the game. With Apex Legends, on the other hand, “you just literally pick up a gun and shoot.”

Whether or not Epic Games decides to take Tfue’s suggestions under consideration remains to be seen. The company has been known to listen to feedback from its community in the past, but is this a little bit too far?