Purgatory was the second map that was introduced in Free Fire. The map was replaced by the new map Kalahari a few months back, but it is now in the game again in the OB22 update due to the demand from players. But it is only available from 6 PM to 10 PM, which means matches will be filled with people who really love and know well about this map.

Battle Royale Free Fire Purgatory 1024x806
Purgatory is now back in Free Fire with the OB22 update

So in order to have a better chance of winning, here are the 3 important things you need to know about Purgatory.

1. Make use of Ziplines

One of the most common features in Purgatory is the Ziplines. You can find them almost everywhere around the map. Ziplines allow you to travel a long distance from one place to another. However, you cannot do anything while traveling on a Zipline so you are pretty much in great danger when another player sees you. If you find yourself under fire of other players, you should release and use a Gloo Wall to protect yourself.

Free Fire Updates Zipline
There are many Ziplines on Purgatory 

2. Carry a CBQ Weapon

There are many city areas on Purgatory such as Brasilia, Central,... There is a really high chance that the circle will end up in one of those cities, where a CQB (Close Quarters Battle) weapon such as a shotgun or a SMG is extremely vital.

Freefire Kapella With Thompson Gun 15f3
SMGs and shotguns are kings in close-range

3. Be careful when crossing a river

Purgatory is split into 3 areas. The mainland area and the 2 islands are separated by rivers. As the circle getting smaller, you will have to cross a river at some points to get in. There are several ways to cross a river in Free Fire. You can use the bridge or the zipline or swim across the river. If you use a bridge, there a chance someone is already camping there. The same danger is also applied to the zipline since these places are all very predictable.

Switch Weapons To Swim Fasrter 3e13
Swiming across the river is quite a safe option

You can also swim, which is slower, but a little bit safer since there will be no one camping. The best option is to cross the river as soon as possible and become the camper that takes down people who come in late.

Sniper rifles will be your best friend while camping on the bridge so if you are looking for more tips to be better at sniping, check out our article here.