Among the earliest characters that were introduced in Free Fire, Andrew is not usually considered a useful warrior. However, his basic powers can still be proven to be helpful in many situations. 

#1 - Andrew’s ability 

As described in the game introduction, Andrew used to be a police officer. One of his well-known passive abilities is Armor Specialist, which has the vest endurance loss being reduced by 2% at the beginning level. 

Free Fire Andrew

But this rate can be reduced more, by 12% in particular, at the character’s highest level as his ability there would be at top-notch by the use of character fragments.

In many cases, his capacity would do a great favor for both aggressive and passive players in Free Fire. 

#2 - Clash Squad matches

During such intense and short matches mainly including fights at a close distance like Clash Squad, Andrew can gain a huge advantage for the players. All they need to add up to the durability of the character’s vest. 

At the highest level of support, Andrew can avoid being destroyed by several extra bullets.  

#3 - Beneficial for skill combos 

The magic vest of Andrew can be a supportive item for skill combos. Together with the speedy pace and healing ability of DJ Alok, the penetration through the armors of Hayato, and the absolute scope precision owned by Laura, the final combo would have an unbeatable damage ability both in close and long-range attacks. 

#4 - Best for a defensive strategy 

Andrew will be a dream suggestion for those who like to play in a defensive way. Why? His vest durability that can be used as an amazing shield to escape from several bullets is the answer. 

Best For A Defensive Strategy

#5 - Useful in close-range fights

Andrew is such a multi-purpose character as even aggressive players can benefit from him in close-range fights thanks to his vest durability. 

With the help of his vest, the players will have HP loss that is at a lower level compared to their enemies’. Therefore, they can gain an excellent advantage in the match.