It’s been a week since the launch of Free Fire Bermuda remastered map so that all players definitely have a chance to try out this new version. Before the Bermuda 2.0 map being temporarily closed on January 10th for further development, here is the overview of the map including major changes that you might want to know!

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Bermuda Remastered Overviews


Being the core sector in Bermuda map, Peak has always been the hottest spot that many players choose to drop in. Apart from getting the chance to loot the most valuable items, the peak also offers players a clear view of the entire island thanks to its height. However, you should be cautious of bumping into many other players in this location.

Nurek Dam

Located on the North of the island is the Nurek Dam which replaced the Plantation and Riverside in the previous version. This place provides green energy for the whole island and is also a great place to camp as you can go under the walkways.

Adens Creek 1024x576

Aden’s Creek

The fishing village which provides the major portion of food to the entire island is the next location you cannot miss in Free Fire Bermuda Remastered map. There are also some hidden spots for you to explore. Check out the following article to see where it is: 10 Best Hidden Places In Free Fire Bermuda Remastered


Identified as a technology center, the academy gathers all the best scientists and engineers of the island to do research for new inventions. You will find a huge DNA sculpture at the entrance before going inside the building.

Bermuda 2 0

Samurai’s Garden

Among the four newly added locations, Samurai’s Garden is likely to be the hottest spot thanks to the hidden story behind it. The isolated island which is connected to the main island with a small bridge is indeed the abandoned estate of the Hayato family. There is a Japanese-style temple located in the center of the site and is surrounded by cherry blossom trees and a Zen garden.

Above are the most significant locations in the Bermuda Remastered map that every Free Fire players cannot miss. Visit our website for the latest updates about Free Fire and other popular games around the world.

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