Garena Free Fire attracts gamers around the world for its constant update of localized content, keeping the experience fresh and engaging. Yet, the official release of new features can not be done at short notice. Before hitting that “Live” button, the devs must first treat it with careful inspection. They detect any in-game bugs, glitches, and programming issues that could compromise the players’ experience as well as the title’s credibility in the gaming community. It’s the drive behind the game’s test server. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Free Fire Advance Server download 2020

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Be the first to try out the new content

Let’s kick off the article by saying that game making isn’t easy. It’s a complex procedure every developer company wants to get down to a science. However, no matter how well-structured a game is,  problems are inevitable. Unknown issues can always arise once a title hits the market. So, there’s always a need for a test server, not for negating all problems from happening, but to minimize them as much as possible. Careful inspection and community reports are crucial to limit the chances of bugs. We believe it’s also what Garena and 111Dots Studio are aiming at with the Free Fire Advance Server

What is the Free Fire Advance Server?

The Free Fire Advance Server is where players can test out new content of the upcoming update. The devs will open the website for a limited period only. You must register for the Free Fire Advanced Server APK download 2020. After successfully scoring a spot in the server, players now work with the developers in order to detect bugs, errors, or anything that seems wrong. However, one may need some luck to get a chance to play the Test Server. The number of players is limited, most of which are influencers, content creators in the commnunity. 

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It's not easy to score a spot in the Advanced Server

How to Register to Get Free Fire Advance Server Download 2020 APK?

Follow these steps to register for a spot in the Free Fire Advance Server. The developers only open the server for a fixed duration, so make sure you are the fastest.

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There's only one Advance Server website

How to Download Free Fire Advance Server 2020?

Downloading and joining Free Fire Advance Server is actually super easy. You just need to be fast to secure a place first. The number of open slots is not huge, while many players all want to try out the new content. If you’re lucky enough to get a slot, here are the steps to download the Free Fire Advance Server:

Free Fire Advance Server Log In
You must register and log in using Facebook
  • #1 Visit  Garena Free Fire Advanced Server official website
  • #2 Login via Facebook. The site provides this option only.
  • #3 Click on “Download APK” and wait for the process to complete
  • #4 Install the APK file. (You have to enable installing from unknown sources first. Go to Settings, Safety and Privacy, toggle on “Install Apps from Unknown Sources”)
  • #5 Open the Free Fire Advance Server and enjoy

Things to Note about Free Fire Advance Server Download 2020 

As we have mentioned before, the Free Fire Advance Server is extremely hard to get in. The community’s influencers, content creators, or celebrities will get favorable treatment first, then come the common players. However, the slots in the server are limited. Some can’t earn a spot even when they have successfully register one. So, you must be ahead of the curve for the best chance possible. On top of that, one needs to register first to download the Advanced Server, and it’s available for 1 week only. After that, the server is closed until the next content update. 

Ob24 Free Fire
The OB24 Update is coming

All in all, there are three things you need to note about Free Fire new Advance Server download 2020:

  • The Server is open for a fixed period of time only, usually 1 week. Follow Garena’s and the game’s official social media channels for the latest update.
  • Players must register using Facebook accounts first to download the new content
  • Be fast, the number of slots is limited, even successfully registering may not get you a spot

Garena Free Fire OB24 Advance Server

The OB23 Update to celebrate Free Fire’s 3rd anniversary has been live for quite some time now. Garena has announced the official open of the OB24 Advance Server for players to try out content of the next update. Players can register and join from September 10th to September 18th, 2020. The server will be offline afterward. This is the first time the devs allow logging in with a Guest Account. However, players still have to register via Facebook to download the APK file. 

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It's time we prepared for the OB24 Update

The upcoming OB24 update of Free Fire will bring tons of new changes to the battlegrounds, including 2 new characters and 1 new pet. If you’re eager to try them out, then be hurry. The server works in the “first come, first served” manner. It’s also a great chance to earn some extra Diamonds for your original Free Fire account. The devs offer Diamonds as a reward for players to report potential bugs in the test version. One player who detects the most bugs gets 3000 Diamonds. Two runner-ups net 2000 Diamonds each and three third-placed get 1000 Diamonds each. Also, every player who finds a new bug gets 100 Diamonds. 

That’s all you need to know about Free Fire Advance Server download 2020. It’s a place for both the developers as well as the players to test out the new features of the game. The Advanced Server can also be a potential Diamond mine if you know what to do. However, remember to be ahead of curve. You’re not the only want seeking a spot in the server. Follow the game’s social media channels and our website at for the latest updates.