Free Fire Advance Servers is always a hot topic among the game community as all players want to experience new features first-hand. However, it’s not the only reason you want to register for the next advanced server. In fact, playing on the Advance Server of Free Fire also gives you a chance to get free diamonds. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. Why do many players take a risk to hack the game to get free diamonds, it turns out that there is a legit way which is lesser-known to gain some: reporting bugs in Advanced Server.

For detecting a single bug, you can earn 100 diamonds and you and your team and even receive 3000 diamonds for a huge amount of bugs detected. Sounds interesting? Here is how to get diamonds by detecting bugs in Free Fire Advance Server!

Players can earn up to 3000 diamonds just for playing on the Advance Server, here is how to make it possible!

Register for Free Fire Advance Server

To detect bugs on the Advance Server, you will need to register to experience it first. Please note that only players who sign up for it before the release day and play on the advance server. All you need to do is go to the official site of Garena Free Fire Advance Server and sign up with your social media account which is linked to your game one.

When the server is open on a specific date, you can download the apk files and install the app into your phone.

Check out the guideline on for more details: Free Fire Advance Server In September 2020: When Will The Server Open And How To Sign-up

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How to send bug reports and get free diamonds

If you detect any unknown bugs while playing testing on the advanced server, you can contact the game developer via email and explain the bug(s) carefully. If the bug is confirmed to be correct, you will receive diamonds as a bonus. The number of diamonds depends on the number of bugs you report and the details of the prize are as follows:

  • First prize: 3000 diamonds (1 slot)
  • Second prize: 2000 diamonds (2 slots)
  • Second prize: 1000 diamonds (3 slots)

In addition to that, any players who sent some unknown bugs will receive 100 diamond as a bonus for their contribution

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To send bug reports to Garena Free Fire, you can also visit the Advance Server website of Garena as and submit your report!