A new big update is coming to Free Fire and as usual, the Advanced Server will open for players to test out the new update and to see if there is any bug. Players who join the server will get to experience the new changes before anyone else and even get thousands of Diamonds from reporting bugs.

The registration for the OB27 Advance Server has just opened and here, we will show you how to join the advance server.

How To Join OB27 the Advanced Server?

The OB27 Advance Server only accepts a limited number of players chosen by the devs. In order to be chosen, you need to register to join the OB27 Advanced Server. Once you have registered, you will be given the link the download the APK file of Free Fire OB27 Advanced Server. This server is totally separated from the main servers and you can only log in when the server is opened.

When the server is opened, chosen people will get an email with a one-time activation code. If you don't get any email, you are not chosen and will have to wait until the next advanced server registration for another chance.

How To Register For The OB27 Advanced Server?

As we mentioned, only registered players will get a chance to play on the advanced server. You can follow the steps below to register for the OB27 Advanced Server.

  • Go to the Registration Website: https://ff-advance.ff.garena.com/

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  • You need to have a Free Fire bound with Facebook to register. You also need to enter your full name, email, and phone number.

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  • Now, you can download the APK file of the advanced server.

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  • Wait for the email to come to join the advanced server.

OB27 Advanced Server rewards

Apart from being able to experience new updates, you will get Diamonds for reporting bugs and contribute ways to make the updates better.

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  • 3000 diamonds for 1 Main contributor
  • 2000 diamonds for 2 Main contributors
  • 1000 diamonds for 3 Main contributors
  • 100 diamonds for the first unknown bug report

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