Ever since Garena waged a war against hacking in Free Fire, it has been releasing weekly reports of banning thousands of cheating accounts. In June, the number reached 25 lakh.  The update launched in June will permanently ban any accounts using third-party apps to gain an unfair advantage in Free Fire. 38 lakh accounts have been banned since the update is implemented.

In the first week of June alone, the total number of banned accounts is 11,85,087. The second week saw a smaller number of 5.33 lakh. In the third week, the number is 2.87 lakh. In the last week of June, the figure rose to 4.84 lakh.

Free Fire accounts banned June 2020
In June, Garena banned 25 lakh cheating accounts

Garena is known to impose extremely strict punishments on cheating players. A spokesperson of the company said it had no tolerance for any attempt to undermine the fairness of Free Fire. If anyone, pro or amateur, is found to be cheating, they would be permanently banned from the game.

Free Fire accounts banned June 2020 1
A player can see the opponent by hacking Free Fire

Cheating pro players and their teams will also be excluded from any of the company’s tournaments. The ban on cheaters, once imposed, cannot be appealed or lifted under any circumstances, as stated by the spokesperson. The company said the decision to ban any account was made only when it had firm evidence of the alleged wrongdoing.

Free Fire accounts banned June 2020 2
Free Fire Underground hack

With COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc all over the world, Garena and companies like it are left with no other choice but to conduct everything online. This begs the question of how it is going to maintain Free Fire integrity when most players are now at home.

However, Garena has already had its own measures. To prepare for upcoming tournaments, it said the anti-cheat solutions had been enhanced to fit the current situation.

Free Fire banned cheating accounts June
Garena's anti-cheat measures have been beefed up to prepare for upcoming tournaments

Each player’s history will also be screened to make sure that they didn’t cheat in the past.

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