Free Fire has introduced a new limited event titled ‘Rampage Emblem Collection’ yesterday, July 1st. It will last until July 13th. This limited event is a part of the big event ‘Free Fire Rampage II Uprising’ that is ongoing now. Check it out here with

Rampage Emblem Collection Event In Free Fire

Free Fire players have to spin and collect unique Emblems. Then, you will get many attractive rewards, including a Catastrophe Slasher skin. To get spin chances, you need to complete daily missions. There are 4 missions per day each of which gives you a spin chance. The daily missions include:

  • Daily login.
  • Play rank mode 1 time.
  • Kill 3 enemies.
  • Kill 6 enemies.
Rampage Emblem Collection Event In Free Fire
Free Fire has launched Rampage Emblem Collection Event

You are not required to get these kills in the rank mode. Free Fire players can play any mode and complete the last two missions to claim spin chances. Once completing the daily missions, you click on the button ‘Get Spin Chances’ to claim the spin chances. Then, you turn back to the event lobby and spin to get emblems.

Spin To Get Emblems
You Will Spin To Get Emblems

With 3 unique emblems, you get a Gold Royale Voucher. Next, you claim a Weapon Royale Voucher when getting 6 emblems. Then, you claim the grand prize of Catastrophe Slasher skin after collecting enough 9 unique emblems.

Daily Missions
Complete daily missions to claim spin chances

If you cannot enough 9 emblems from the spin, you can ask your friends to send you some. Tap on the option ‘Ask from Your Friends’. Then, share the event with your friends via Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. Then, you will get an Emblem Code. Copy and paste the code in the ‘Enter Emblem Code’ box to claim the emblem.

Ask From Friends
Ask And Get Emblems From Friends

To send emblems to your friends, you tap on ‘Give to Your Friends’. Then, the system will give you a redeem code on the pop-up page. Share a screenshot with your friend via Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. so that he can use that code to get emblems.