Most Free Fire players will find it difficult to use a combo of two snipers because it's hard to deal with close-combat when using two SRs. However, you can become a pro sniper and get Booyah with double sniper guns in your hand with these tips.

Free Fire Double Sniper Tips

To use double sniper guns in Free Fire, you need to have a powerful sniper rifle and long-range scopes. Then, master some tips to win every combat.

Scope In And Fire
Snipers should use the scope for mid and long-range combat.
  • Scope in and fire: Using scope helps increase the accuracy when you aim and fire. Especially, in mid and long-range combat, you can hardly shoot accurately with hip-fire only.
Keep Moving After Each Kill
Keep Moving After Each Kill When Using Double Snipers
  • Use A Sniper and a Semi-sniper: You should have a powerful sniper, such as AWM or M82B that can make one kill per shot. Moreover, the sniper gun M82B can trace the enemy behind the Gloo wall with the skill Hacker's Eye of the character Moco.
Line Of Bullets
Master The Line Of Bullets To Aim Without Scope
  • If you snipe without a scope, you can see the line of the bullets to determine where they drop. You should practice it on the training ground. You should practice it with targets at different distances to know how the bullet drop mechanism works. Then, you will know where to put the aiming point when sniping without a scope.
Close Range Combat
Snipe Without A Scope In Close-Range Combat
  • Increase the aiming speed to reflex better in close-range combat. If you encounter many enemies in short-range combat at once, you can use sniper rifles as shotguns to take the targets down one by one in one shot only.
Aiming Speed
Increase the aiming speed to reflex better in close-range combat.
  • Switch guns quickly if one SR runs out of ammo while you are in combat. Besides, snipers have to keep moving because you can become an easy target if you stand still to aim.