Free Fire MAX is the big update of Free Fire with great improvements and changes. It impressed a lot of gamers and took a storm to the game industry with this new version. Check out what makes Free Fire MAX a big hit in 2020 here.

What Is Free Fire MAX?

Free Fire MAX is the upgraded version of Free Fire, one of the most favorite and popular battle royale games in the world. If Free Fire is compatible with low-end devices, the MAX version focuses on players with mid and high-end smartphones. It has better graphics quality and totally new looks from the lobby to the in-game maps.

Free Fire Max
Free Fire MAX is the upgraded version of Free Fire with higher graphics quality from the lobby to the maps.

The in-game graphics now is more stunning and impressive with higher resolution. But the game size increases slightly, so it can run on mid-end devices. This MAX version remains the core element of Free Fire. Only the visual element is improved. Then, the lobby, characters, and images of maps look more stunning.

Free Fire Max Lobby
The new lobby of Free Fire MAX looks more stunning and the character will have more emotes.

The game developers increased the resolution, color, and light to Ultra HD quality. They also elaborated on in-game images. First, you will be impressed by the new lobby. Unlike the lobby in the old version in which the character standstills, the characters in the MAX lobby will move towards.

Free Fire Max At Ultra Settings
Free Fire Max At Ultra Graphics Setting

The waiting room before you get on the plane also looks more sparkling and gorgeous. It's not similar to the old spawn island you have ever been in the old version. It satisfied a lot of players and also attracted more players from PUBG Mobile which has been banned in India.

New Spawn Island
It Also Has A New Spawn Island

Moreover, the lobby looks totally different and very beautiful with more lights. Especially, the whole game will look more beautiful when you leave the settings at the maximum level. The map looks more realistic than the previous version with 4k graphics quality.

Although the gameplay stays the same, Free Fire MAX still took a storm to the game industry. The number of players also flies up quickly. Moreover, it replaces PUBG Mobile to become the most played BRG in India and some countries when this game is banned in these countries. Many PUBG Mobile players are also switching to this game after the graphics quality is upgraded.