An unreleased event of Garena Free Fire named War of Assassins has just been leaked online, which makes fans of the game very excited. Apparently, War of Assassins would offer a decent number of rare items at heavy discounts – this is a rare chance for players to get new skins and save a lot of money on the process.

War of Assassin was first available in other servers

What is this event?

This event is going to be similar to the Rampage II one – in War of Assassins, players would get to pick between two assassin clans, the White Eagle and the Blue Phoenix. After picking one of the two clans, players would be able to roll a lucky spin that would give them a random new exclusive themed item.

Reward list for White Eagle

The item roster for both clans has the mechanical wings, a new Sea Hunter skin, a backpack skin, and two rare weapon skins. The only difference between the two clans is the color scheme. The Blue Phoenix would be White, Blue, and a little Black while the White Eagle would be White with Red.

Reward list for Blue Phoenix

How much does the Lucky Spin Cost?

In the War of Assassin event, there would be seven levels of diamond cost to spin the lucky wheel. The more diamonds you put in, the higher your chance to get a rare item first. The last level, with the price tag of 999 diamonds, would guarantee players a character drop. Besides this lucky spin, more free rewards would be revealed when this event arrives for real.

What is the release date for War of Assassin?

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The two assassin clans go against each other

Currently, there is no official information available about this event’s release date yet. However, based on the leaks that are currently available online, other servers already get it, with the Indian server being the last. The final release date is likely to be in a few weeks.

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