Free Fire Generator online diamonds and coins – Garena Free Fire is one of the best titles in Battle Royale game sort released on December 4, 2017, for iOS and Android (operating system). With exciting gameplay and enjoyable in-game activities, Free Fire attracts over 450 million players who are starving for victory.

To win Free Fire battles, players need not only excellent skills and strategy but also a strong character with decent equipment. You need coins and diamonds to buy stuff like outfits and weapon skins for your in-game character. This instruction by will guide you on how to get unlimited free gems and coins with a Free Fire Battlegrounds generator.

Free Fire Generator online diamonds and coins
Free Fire Mobile

Free Fire Storyline

A mysterious organization named "FF" took a group of 50 people to an abandoned island. Only one person in them can leave this isolated island alive. Those people come from different backgrounds and social classes. Some of those people are normal people, some are trained soldiers, and some are agents. They have to fight with others to survive as the last man at the end of the game.

Free Fire kidnaped or attracted them with a bounty. This organization hypnotized those people, removed their memory, and modified them genetically. Those people have to fight for the only target: stay alive as the last person. Only the ultimate survivor can escape this remote island and jiggery-pokery of this Free Fire organization. It is a very strained battle and only one player with the best ability, strategy, and also luck will be the winner. 

Free Fire Generator online diamonds and coins
Battle Royale With A Parachute

The Gameplay of Free Fire

Free Fire is an action-adventure game seen from a third-person perspective. You need to have a personal account to play this game. Or else, you can connect to your existing social network accounts, such as Facebook or Google account, for example. After logging in, the system requires you to set up your profile. Then, you will take a tour to explore the game to know simple movements and actions in the game. You also choose the character to play.

There are two free default characters for the new player, including Adam and Eva. Other players can be purchased with coins or diamonds. Of course, those Free Fire characters will have special powers, skins, and unique skills. For example, the soldier Ford gets lower damage when staying outside the safe zone, or Kelly can run fasters than any other character in this game.  You can get coins and diamonds after winning the game, which is slow. You can also buy gems and by real cash, or get unlimited diamonds and coins for free with a Free Fire generator online diamonds and coins.

Free Fire Generator online diamonds and coins
Join Free Fire Combats To Survive

Then, you choose a game mode to compete by touching "Ranked Mode" (Battlefield) or Bermuda's "Classic Mode" button. After a few seconds, you get on a plane and wait for parachuting from the plane. While the plane is flying over the isolated island, every player will jump out. You head to the chosen spot on the map and land safely with a parachute. Then, you need to run around to find and loot weapons, armor, helmet, med-kits, and other supplies. Get enough supplies since these things will help you fight and stay alive in combat.

Free Fire Generator online free diamonds and coins

Coins and diamonds are rewards after you win a game. You can use diamonds and coins to unlock Free Fire characters, buy skins for your weapons, and upgrade your characters. Players can also buy VIP membership and a lot of things for your characters. You may think that weapon skin and clothes for characters are useless things and also make them look better. However, more than making them look more appealing, skins and outfits also make your weapons and characters more powerful.

Therefore, you need to get as many coins and diamonds as possible if you wish to be stronger and win more games. Besides winning games and get rewards, you can also purchase diamonds and coins in the shop. But purchasing gems and coins will cost you real cash. If you couldn't afford it, Free Fire Generator online diamonds and coins will generate unlimited coins and gems.

free fire generator - 💎 💰 diamonds and coins hack
Free Fire Mobile New Map

With this endless source of property, Free Fire players can buy everything they need, such as new skins, cards, and tickets to join exciting events. The Free Fire Battlegrounds generator would be useful for some players who can't afford these items. 

Best Free Fire Generators Online Diamonds and Coins

There is a bunch of Free Fire generator online diamonds and coins that are easy to use and safe for your devices. One of them is Free Fire Mod APK. In addition to generating free diamonds and coins, Free Fire Mod APK also gives players a better gaming experience. You can enjoy the game with high-resolution graphics, a vivid battlefield, and exciting squad mode. It can run on Android, iOS, and Windows.

Another online Free Fire coin and diamond generator are Free Fire – Battlegrounds Hack tools. It's free of viruses and Trojans, updated daily, and compatible with iOS and Android (operating system). This online Free Fire generator online diamonds and coins gives you not only unlimited free coins and diamonds but also a super realistic game world and plenty of accessories. Free Fire Generator is another source of instant gems and coins. This tool is free and easy to use, totally secure, frequently updated, and fully responsive.

free fire generator - 💎 💰 diamonds and coins hack
Weapon Skins in Free Fire

However, users are required to do a human verification. The launcher of this Free Fire Battlegrounds generator only lets humans use their tool. They want to make sure that their users are not robots or cheating software. After confirming, you can get the number of gems and coins you want from this Free Fire generator online diamonds and coins

Free Fire generator online diamonds and coins is a free and fast way to get diamonds and coins for free in Free Fire. The article has suggested some reliable and safe Free Fire coin and diamond generators where you can get unlimited gems and coins. To update the latest game news and useful tips and tricks for gamers, visit