Free Fire’s character skill system is probably what differs it from the usual Battle Royale game on Mobile. You would get to pick 4 out of ~30 characters to create a skillset to equip when playing – and not all skills are created equal. Some are more advantageous to use on a map than others, and in this guide, we would show you the top 5 best character skills to use on the Kalahari map.

5 – Misha


On a big map like Kalahari, Vehicles are crucial for moving around, especially in Duo or Squad mode. Because of that, having Misha as a driver would definitely be more useful than you’d have believed. In Solo, this would work even better, as you would be able to dawdle longer on looting spots without having to go for the circle right away.

4 – Moco


Moco’s Hacker’s Eye skill gives her the ability to tag enemies hit by her bullets and reveal their position on the map for a few seconds. In a large map like Kalahari, this is super useful – you would be able to spray a moving enemy and follow them so that they would not be able to hide behind covers. This also works like a “rally beacon” in squad mode so that everyone could focus fire on the target.

3 – Paloma


Paloma’s Arms Dealing removes the weight of AR ammo, enable players to carry more utility items like Medkits or Gloo Grenades. This is super useful in duo and squad mode, in which having good utility is vital. The extra Medkit would definitely make a difference in fights. About the real bonus… well, AR would probably be the top choice of everyone on the map anyway.

2 – Laura


In big maps like Kalahari, Laura’s 30% bonus to accuracy while scoped in is a godsend, especially for some assault rifles with low accuracy like the AN94, AK or SCAR. With a more accurate scoped spray, you would be able to engage in long-range combat much easier – the refinery is probably the best area to camp on.

1 – Rafael


The second component for a sniper’s skill set is Rafael’s Dead Silent ability – your enemies would not be able to see the location you are hiding on the map with the skill active. This work best in squad mode, as the sniper of the team, would be able to pick up enemies without revealing the location of his teammates.

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