The latest update has brought Free Fire a new map called Kalahari, a Training Ground, and a new character called Steffie. To celebrate the new update, Free Fire gives players a brand new in-game event for all players to get free rewards called Charge It Up. Joining this event, players will have a chance to get their hand special rewards such as new Parachute skin, Surfboard, and royale vouchers.

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Get into Free Fire now and join “Charge It Up” event for many free exclusive rewards

To participate in the event, you need to open the game and you will easily find the “Charge It Up” event page on the home screen. The main objective of the event is to get as many skulls as possible to charge up the bar in the event. The more skulls you can get, the more the bar will be charged and the more exclusive rewards you will get.

Kalahari Free Fire 1
The new Kalahari map

There will be daily missions for you in the event to get skulls. Most of these missions are really easy. You can earn skulls just by logging into the game and play the game as usual. Here is the detailed list of daily missions in the “Charge It Up” event.

  • Login 1 day: Yellow Skull
  • Play 1 match: Mutated Skull
  • Play 3 matches: Mutated Skull
  • Play 6 matches: Mutated Skull

The Yellow Skull is used to spin for rewards immediately. The Mutated Skull is used to charge up the bar.

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The more skulls you can get, the more rewards you will get

At 30% and 50%, you will get a Weapon Royale Voucher and a Diamond Royale Voucher respectively. At 100%, you will receive the ultimate rewards Wasteland Frontier Parachute.

The event is going to end soon in a week on March 6, but players should have enough time to finish all the tasks in the event.