Free Fire’s Wasteland Survivors event is coming with a lot of attractive rewards. Joining this event, players can receive a cool skin set of Borderlands and a beautiful Backpack skin. Check it out here with

How To Get New Backpack Skin And Borderlands Set?

This event will arrive on March 1st, 2020. Players can log in and get many attractive rewards. The reward includes the Borderland skin set with a mask, a new backpack skin, character fragments, gold, and EXP. Especially, the skin set of Borderlands and that new backpack skin are two rare permanent items.

A New Borderlands Skin For Players In The Upcoming
A New Borderlands Skin For Players In The Upcoming Event

To get the new backpack skin, you have to log in on March 1st, 2020. Garena Free Fire will give each player logging in on the event day a free backpack skin.

In addition, players can get a cool and impressive skin set of Borderlands with clothes and a mask. In order to get this reward, you have to collect Skull tokens to redeem for each piece of the set. For example, the Top costs 12 token and the Bottom costs 10 tokens. Besides, the Shoes and Hair cost 8 tokens for each piece while the Bonfire costs 2 tokens. Moreover, the mask of this set is free for players logging in on March 1st.

Wasteland Survivors Event Is Coming
Wasteland Survivors Event Has Arrived

Wasteland Survivors Event of Free Fire

Moreover, this Wasteland Survivor event will last until March 8th with lots of rewards. Besides Borderlands set and new backpack skin, the publisher also brings players many other amazing rewards. For example, players can unlock an exciting version of Kelly called ‘The Flash’ and she will be a permanent character in the game. Moreover, a new Bomb Mode will be available for players to enjoy until March 31st.

New Version Of Kelly The Flash Will Be Available
New Version Of Kelly, The Flash, Will Be Available