Clash Squad has become one of the most played game modes in Free Fire, event getting its own ranked matchmaking. In Free Fire Clash Squad, there are no looting gears from the map - players have to buy their own weapons and support items in the shop. Due to this mechanic, Clash Squad has gained a great deal of depth in gameplay, along with a couple of new items that normal Free Fire mode does not have access such as the Smoke Grenade.


In this article, we would explain everything you need to know about the Smoke Grenade in Free Fire.

1 - About the Smoke Grenade

In Free Fire, the Smoke Grenade is on the last section of items in the shop - each person can only buy one for $300. This grenade can be thrown similar to the other grenades and would create a cloud of smoke that lasts for 25 seconds.

Clash Squad Shop in Free Fire

The smoke grenade is an essential item in a lot of shooters, except for battle royales. It is probably because they are not really effective on such a large map like BR.

2 - How to use the smoke Grenade

The smoke grenade is more useful than what you would have expected in-game, due to players' innate reaction to stop firing when enemies are not in sight. You can throw them to cover an area to either revive your teammate or heal yourself - more often than not, enemies would not shoot into the smoke.

Using the Smoke grenade to cover your heal

The smoke from the grenade also disable auto aim - enemies would not be able to aim at you automatically and have to drag the cursor manually when you are in smoke. If they are not used to this, you would definitely be able to get the upper hand.

You can revive teammates in Smoke as well

You can also use the Smoke Grenade to open combat or deny an area, as enemies would usually hesitate in entering a smoked area. You can enter it by yourself then walk up and shoot them in the face.

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