Although the Battle Royale scene has been loaded with back-to-back releases for some time now, it is an undeniable fact that the community can’t get enough of it. Free Fire is a testimony to this fact.

Garena’s sensational release is indeed a legit title that can be out for number one in a little saturated genre. As Free Fire ventures into the mobile gaming market, it owns a virtually unlimited crowd potential. One can expect millions of players to have fun with the gameplay and even make a big fortune out of it.

So if you are also one of those who want to put their Free Fire account up for sale, here’s a useful guide for Free Fire ID sell procedure and more.

Free Fire Girl

How to sell Free Fire ID online

Selling a game ID can be practiced on various platforms. In fact, Free Fire ID sell Whatsapp group and Free Fire ID sell website are among the most used methods among players.

While the first method requires gathering different gamers and selling in a limited circle, the second one seems to be more sought-after thanks to its greater extent.

In fact, PlayerAuctions is a trustworthy website for those who want to sell their gaming services and goods online.

Free Fire Playeracution
PlayerAuctions is a popular Free Fire ID sell website.

About PlayerAuctions

PlayerAuctions is a digital marketplace that connects sellers buyers of diverse gaming genres such as First-person shooters, Massively multiplayer online game games, Multiplayer online battle arenas, survival games, Mobile games, battle royale games, etc. Every user can buy and sell digital assets on the platform.

It has become the top exchange platform for not only the Free Fire community but also GTA 5, Fortnite, Final Fantasy XIV...

Step-to-step guide

You can become a Seller on the website right now with these 5 simple steps:

1. Register for free

Visit this link. To make sure things are legit for all sellers and buyers, you need to fill out some texts first.

Free Fire Id Sell 1
Start by registering.

2. Choose how to get paid

Decide how you want to get paid. Depending on the restrictions of your country, choose to transfer via either Skrill, Payoneer, or Paypal.

Free Fire Id Sell 2 2
Choose the payment method you want.

3. Create the offers

Head to your account center, then choose "Create New Offer" where you can take a look at the details and give them a price.

Free Fire Id Sell 3
Make the offers with details about the account and price.

You can share the offer on social media platforms to maximize its exposure.

4. Wait for a Buyer

The website will you once there is a Buyer. You may check your mail daily and discuss the delivery arrangement with the Buyer.

Free Fire Id Sell 4
You can reach more buyers than using Free Fire iD sell Whatsapp group.

5. Deliver on time and get paid

The method for delivery varies from game to game and from product to product.

In general, items and currency are transferred via messages in-game or upon in-game meetups.

Meanwhile, accounts are delivered through email via PlayerAuctions.

Free Fire Id Sell 5
Make screenshots to have backups for your transaction.

Just confirm full delivery on the system as soon as it’s done. As soon as the Buyer also confirms your delivery, you will get paid.

Note: Users can record a screencast or take some screenshots for more precaution. They can upload them as delivery evidence for any further dispute in the future.

The money is sent within one to three business days depending on the Seller status.

Now that you have learned how to sell Free Fire ID online, you may also want to look at some ID prices for reference.

Free Fire ID price

The cost for each Free Fire ID depends on various factors: account level, rank, collection of items… The higher level your account holds, as well as the more exclusive items (legendary bundles, limited skins, diamonds…) you have, the higher price you can deal.

From what we can observe, a basic Free Fire ID with a mediocre level and fewer unlocked items is around $3,88 to $15.

The highest price for a Free Fire ID, meanwhile, can range from $500 to a whopping $14,000.

High Price Free Fire Ids
The price can go from humble to extremely jaw-dropping.

An ultimate tip to have the most profitable account to rank up in Free Fire.

How to rank up in Free Fire

Obviously, the ranked-up accounts are more coveted. Therefore, here are some easy ways to rank your Free Fire ID sell cost up.

1. Keep Playing

It is that simple. Just play as much as you can and it is probably the most useful way to level up. You will not only build up the skills and sharpen the muscle memory to a well-rounded point but also gain extra experience points.

Sniper Free Fire
Ranking up your account will grant you more money.

2. Complete Missions

Although doing missions will not reward players as much as ranked matches, you should not neglect them either. You can unlock the most supreme characters as you rank up.

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