On the first week of the Free Fire India Championship 2020 League Circuit, we have the fight between Group A vs Group B on Day 1 and Group C vs Group D on Day 2.

Free Fire 011e
The Free Fire India Championship 2020 features an enormous prize pool of Rs 35 Lakh

The viewers had a chance to witness an insane start of team Nawabzaade. They started the tournament with a huge lead in both kill score and placement score. Team Nawabzaade is also the only team that got 2 Booyah this week. With 53 kills in total, they are in an absolute dominate position over other teams.

39407 Ffic Week 1 1
Team Nawabzaade put all other teams far behind with a 600 points lead with the second-place team

In the second place is team Dessert God with 1260 points. They got a total of 35 kills and 1 Booyah over the weekend. Meanwhile, the seed of the tournament, team Namooney, only got 5th place with 16 kills and 1 win.

You can check out the replays of both day 1 and day 2 of the Free Fire India Championship 2020 League Circuit below.

The Free Fire India Championship 2020 features 24 Indian Free Fire teams, which split into 4 groups of 6 teams. Only the best 12 teams in this round will be able to advance to the next stages and fight for the giant prize pool of Rs 35 lakh. Each team will play a total of 8 matches.

The tournament will have a 6-day break and will be resumed on Saturday next week on March 7. There are still 4 matches for all teams to show off their best performance and go the Finals. Stay tuned and we will update you on the latest news about the tournament.

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