As one of the most prominent figures in the Indian Free Fire community, Gyan Gaming has garnered over millions of fans on his YouTube channel and Instagram. In a recent interview with Sportkeeda, he unveiled some aspects of his personal and professional life, so let’s go on and get to know more about this talented content creator.

Gyan Gaming Free Fire Gameplay
Gyan Gaming is one of the most prominent figures in the Indian Free Fire community.

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Who is Gyan Gaming?

Gyan Gaming’s real name is Sujan Mistri. He’s a 28-year-old content creator from Kolkata.

Why does he take the nickname 'Gyan Gaming'?

Sujan did start out with the channel name 'Gyan A2Z' at the very beginning due to the idea of working on various types of content, from gaming, tech, etc… to vlogging. However, his attention heavily shifted to Free Fire then Sujan decided to put other stuff aside to focus on gaming through his channel.

Gyan Gaming Free Fire Youtube
'Gyan Gaming' did start out with the name 'Gyan A2Z' at the very beginning because he wanted to author different types of content.

How did his family think when he chose to step into gaming?

Needless to say, Gyan Gaming has also received a lot of support from his family regardless of longstanding stereotypes against gaming. He even was a lucky child who got a PC from his father at the age of 10, and he was able to approach almost all the trending video games at that time. To Gyan Gaming, family may be the most important thing that makes him stand still until now.

What did Gyan Gaming do in his school days?

Gyan Gaming confessed that he was just a typical schoolboy – not interested in studying too much but playing games instead.

Gyan Gaming Vs Raistar
Gyan Gaming keeps entertaining the audiences by teaming up with several well-known names in Free Fire.

What was the turning point of his career?

It’s when Garena introduced the concept of custom rooms to Free Fire. Thankfully, Gyan Gaming saw such a precious opportunity - he began to throw himself into those custom rooms and had a good time playing with his subscribers. This turned out to be a much-needed boost to his channel.

What is the best moment of his live-streaming career?

His all-time favorite moment was when his YouTube channel hit the 100K-sub milestone and, therefore, received the Silver Play Button. The first-ever achievement recorded!

Gyan Gaming Channel
His all-time favorite moment was when his YouTube channel hit the 100K-sub milestone.

Who is Gyan Gaming’s best friend in the Free Fire community?

‘SniperLord (Amit Kumar), as I trust him the most’, claimed the YouTuber.

Any tip for those who want to enter the competitive scene?

Gyan Gaming believes that one’s spirit and eagerness will make him go through everything. So, remember to trust yourself!