Free Fire has announced the coming of a new amazing pet to this game in the upcoming time. It's a penguin called Dom Pisante. This new pet will be available on the global server soon. Check it out here with

Free Fire Introduced A New Pet Called Dom Pisante

The arrival of Dom Pisante, the new fascinating pet in Free Fire, has been revealed on the official Twitter of Free Fire Brazil. According to that post, this penguin pet will come to the Advanced Server with an amazing ability to drop gel grenades. Therefore, Dom Pisante will be a great companion for you during the matches with that unique skill.

Free Fire Brazil
The arrival of Dom Pisante has been revealed on the official Twitter of Free Fire Brazil.

The post also revealed the appearance of this new pet. It excited a lot of fans of famous cartoon series "Penguins from Madagascar".  The new pet looks pretty like a character from that cartoon. In the poster, Dom Pisante looks really cool like a warrior.

Novo Pet Free Fire Dom Pisante
Dom Pisante can produce a gel grenade every 2 minutes

Moreover, according to some leaks, this penguin pet can produce a gel grenade every 2 minutes. However, the cooldown time will decrease when you level up your pet. For example, it can produce a grenade every 100 seconds at level 2 and 80 seconds at level 3. Like other pets in this game, the pet can be upgraded by feeding. Pet food is available to purchase in the Free Fire shop.

Dom Pisante is only available on the Advanced Server now. Free Fire players on the free server around the world couldn't test this new pet yet. However, it's likely that Dom Pisante will arrive at the global soon. Free Fire developers are working hard to release exciting updates, upgrades, and additions to give players better gaming experiences. This penguin from Brazil is coming soon with a lot of fun and enjoyable time in this game.

Free Fire New Pet
Dom Pisante Is A Cute Penguin