The OB23 update in Free Fire is coming closer and closer and everyone is eager to find out what is coming. Among updates like new locations for Bermuda, a new pet, and a new weapon, it seems that Free Fire will have another surprise for us, which is Hayato Awaken form.

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Bermuda is going to have 4 new locations in the upcoming OB23 update

Basically Awaken character will have a new skill other than their basic skill. You can unlock Awaken character through in-game missions.

Since both Kelly and Hayato were from the Shimada family and they are both the most popular character in Free Fire, it actually makes sense that Hayato will be the second character to have the Awaken form. Below is the leaked image of the Hayato Awaken with new armor, new hair with blue flame effect.

Free Fire bo 23
Hayato Awaken will likely to be introduced to Free Fire in the OB23 update

According to leaks, Hayata Awaken will have a skill that creates a barrier in front of him that reduces damage. This barrier will disappear once Hayato starts shooting. The mechanic of this skill is quite the same as the Shield Gun that was introduced to Free Fire a few months ago.

More details about the skill of Hayato Awaken will be revealed later when the Beta version of the OB23 update comes out.

So far, there has been only 1 Awaken character in Free Fire and it is Kelly. Kelly Awaken was introduced in Free Fire just a few months ago in April with a much better skill than normal Kelly. She also has a more badass look with a new hairstyle and expression.

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