When it comes to Free Fire events, there are many different types of events created in the game. However, there are two major ways to get rewards from an event: the first one is to complete missions in-game and the second one depends on your luck. The second type of event normally comes in form of a lucky spin, penta flip, or drop the ball and only lucky (or rich players) can gain the grand rewards. Yesterday, Free Fire launched another spinning event called Free Fire Katana Party and the rewards are so great to avoid but is it worth dipping a toe into the lucky game if you’re just a low-budget player? Keep reading to find out!

Katana Party

Free Fire Katana Party event details

Apart from the series of Free Fire Diwali event 2020 which is specially created for Indian players, Free Fire launched a new event called Free Fire Katana Party with which players have the chance to win 5 exclusive Katana skins including Booyah Day katana, Blood Moon KatanaSpirited Overseers Katana, Kendoka Katana and the highest reward the Swordsman Legends Katana. The event takes place from November 6th and expires on November 11th, 2020.

In this new event, players have two types of spin options: normal spin and super spins. While the normal spin costs only 19 diamonds, one super spin will take up to 99 diamonds. However, you have a higher chance of winning a prize. In addition to that, you will be guaranteed to get other permanent items for purchasing a super spin.

Katana Party 2

By buying super spin, you will 100% get the Swordsman Legendary Katana skin in the first five rounds even when you have won other skins in advance. It means that by spending 495 diamonds on the Free Fire event, you will be assured of having at least one Swordsman Legendary Skins and some other permanent rewards.

Although it seems to be a bit costly for just one Katana skins, do not forget that there is also an on-going top-up event in Free Fire which offers players a 520-diamond pack at the price of only Rs 160 as soon as their remaining diamonds is less than 50. Therefore, if you want to expand your Katana skin collections with these exclusive items, make use of the discount to become the Master of Blades!

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