The festive season is right there! With a lot of on-going and upcoming events, there is no doubt that it’s the greatest chance for the Free Fire Indian community to bag exclusive and valuable items to boost their gaming experience and make the game more interesting to enjoy. Although you can earn some rewards just like completing missions, there will be a few events that require not only luck but also some diamonds to get involved like the Penta Flip or the upcoming Diwali Ludo events.

Apart from launching impressive events, Free Fire also releases lucrative top-up deals for players called ‘Less Diamond, More Discount’. What is the details of Free Fire Less Is More top-up event and is it economical to top up diamond via this event? Keep reading to find out some helpful information.

Free Fire Less Is More event details

Being made available on the system since November 4th, Less Is More event is the time-limited top-up event of Free Fire which gives out discounts for players when buying the 529-diamond pack. According to its policy, players who have fewer diamonds left in their accounts will get more discounts when purchasing the diamond pack. The details of the discount are listed as following:

Free Fire Less Is More Event Full Details Less Dia
The regulation of Free Fire Less Is More Event

As can be seen from the event, players can buy the 520-diamond pack at a price between Rs 160 - 400 and the exact price depends on their remaining diamond. If they have less than 50 diamonds left, they can buy 520 diamonds with just Rs 160 and it is such a lucrative deal to get. This price is way cheaper than any other top-up flatform. Giving the fact that the usual price for a 520-diamond pack is Rs 400, you’re going to have a 60% discount for buying it with Rs 160.

In case your number of diamonds is from 50 to 149, you can buy the pack at Rs 250. This price is 42% lesser than the normal price. Meanwhile, those who have from 150-299 diamonds will get a 25% discount. These deals are economical to get if you’re running out of diamonds and need to top up with some.

Should I top up diamonds with Free Fire Less Is More?

However, please note that other top-up platforms also have big promotions and discounts, for example, Games Khaurido is offering a 100% bonus for players who top up on the platform for the first time. Therefore, you can consider the benefit and how much money you can save before topping up. Money doesn’t grow on trees, obviously!

Above is all you need to know about Free Fire latest event Less Is More. Visit our website for more interetsing news about games and entertaiment!

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