A new Free Fire Advance Server is already underway this July. Previously, we found out for certain that a new AUG will be introduced to the game and add more firepower to the existing arsenal. But it's not just new weapons that are coming to the game. A new character has already been seen in the Advance Server and Garena has officially confirmed his existence.

Free Fire New Character Luqueta Lucas

The new character announced by Garena, who has gone by 'Lucas' in previous leaks and rumors, will be called Luqueta. It looks like he will surely be a favorite of many players since he is a Brazilian football player, and some of them are no strangers when it comes to firearms.

It looks like the new name of the character is a portmanteau of Brazilian football player Lucas Paqueta (Lu + queta) who is currently playing for AC Milan in Italy. Let's review what Free Fire new character Luqueta has to offer us below

Free Fire Character Luqueta Biography

  • Name: Luqueta
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Student/Football Player

In addition, Luqueta will have a fairly powerful ability, since with each kill he makes, he will increase his maximum HP. This means after killing enemies and Luqueta decides to heal himself, his life will exceed the base HP, which will strongly reward aggressive players.

Free Fire New Character Luqueta Lucas

The more deaths you make in the game, the more maximum life you can achieve and thus be increasingly stronger and have the advantage in each confrontation.

Luqueta's skill is called Hattrick. After every kill, Luqueta will get a maximum HP increase of 10 to 50. This means when starting a match you usually have a maximum HP of 200 or so, and using Free Fire Luqueta your maximum HP can exceed 200 depending on how many kills you make.

Free Fire AUG Free Fire New Character Luqueta

At first glance, this skill is very similar to Antonio's skill. But the difference is, Antonio only has a maximum HP of 235 HP at level 6. With Luqueta, the amount could be greater than that, and the skill favors relentless aggression.

It looks like this character will heavily favor aggressive players. The more aggressive you are and the more kills you have, the harder it is for others to kill you thanks to the thick HP you have.

Luqueta is coming to Free Fire in the next update, as is the AUG, the new Assault Rifle. However, Garena has not yet confirmed the date for such an update. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at GuruGamer.com.