Free Fire, the widely popular Battle Royale game by Garena, continues to receive more updates and fixes to improve the gameplay and variety for the players. And in just a short while, we will soon have one of the massive updates that we are used to every few months, where lots of new content and additions will arrive in the game.

The first of these content additions is a highly recognizable assault rifle, the AUG, which is already available for testing on the Advance Server, where Garena conducts pre-launch testing on the game's official client.

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It looks like another new weapon will arrive in the Garena Battle Royale and currently being put to the test before the official release. According to the news, the AUG has the same name as in other games and in real life.

Free Fire New Weapon AUG Advance Server

If you have played with this weapon in other games, you'd know that it usually ranks among the very best of Assault Rifles. But since this is Free Fire where realism is not as important, the weapon might have a different function, though it will likely remain powerful. For those with access to the Advancer Server, you can try it out now.

At the moment it is unknown what other features we will find when the game is updated in the coming weeks, and we are awaiting the reveal of at least one new character and a new pet in the game, which would add extra special abilities to the game.

According to the Official Twitter page of the game in Brazil, here's what they had to say: "There's something new coming in FF: The new AUG and you can soon test it through the Advanced Server! Stay tuned on our networks to find out when it opens".

In other news, the Rampage 2.0 event has come to a conclusion and the Liberi faction has come out on top. You can claim the rewards and exchange the obtained tokens to get different items and cosmetics during this event.

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